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Review | Jolen Creme Bleach

JOLEN Cream Bleach Review

Jolen Creme Bleach* is one of those products that I've always been aware of, seen in family bathrooms but never really talked about nor a product I had used. Earlier this year during awards season Thandie Newton (hands up who loved her in Line of Duty) shared a selfie of her bleaching her 'tache' in preparation for the red carpet and I was recently sent the iconic product to try for myself.

Jolen Creme Bleach,  the no 1 selling bleach brand in the world, is a cream and powder which when mixed together will lighten facial hair in under 10 minutes they claim - read on for my experiences with Jolen Creme Bleach*.

As a general rule my method of hair removal is threading, although I recently tried the more affordable option of at home waxing with success so I was keen to see how, at £4.35 the even thriftier option of at home bleaching would work for me as someone with dark coarse hairs.

Your box from Jolen will contain the 'tried and tested formula' components of their cream and accelerator, a mixing cup and tray and spatula and I admit my first impressions were 'well isn't this all a bit of a faff'. Of course it takes seconds to 'measure' out the powder and cream and mix but there's more components than grabbing a wax strip although with Jolen Cream Bleach being suitable for sensitive skin it is the less abrasive option than waxing.

Once mixed well you apply the cream to the area requiring attention, in my case my upper lip, using the spatula and then wait eight minutes. I did pick up the scent of peroxide whilst it sat on my lip which I imagine will be a deal breaker for some. It wasn't troublesome for me but it's certainly not something that creates a 'luxurious experience'.

I do not have sensitive skin, of course you must carry out a patch test before using any product of this nature, and didn't find it uncomfortable when applied. I knew it was there, and perhaps there was an ever so subtle tingle or sensation but nothing to cause concern.

Once the time period had passed I removed and noted that a couple of hairs had not lightened sufficiently so I reapplied for a further five minutes which I did find things started to a little more sensitive and I would be concerned for those with sensitive skin that it the longer time periods that may be required could cause some concerns.

I was impressed that my dark hairs were indeed lightened and in a pinch it's definitely something I would consider and I was happy with the effects although I do prefer removal by threading or waxing. I think Jolen will work for those with fairer or softer hair, in my case I think it's a little too 'present' even when lightened to give the appearance I like but it's a product I'll happily keep to hand between appointments.

Have you ever used Jolen Cream Bleach?

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