Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oliver Bonas Treats

Last week I popped into Oliver Bonas to pick up a gift I'd ordered online and somehow walked out with two for myself - isn't that always the way.

There was absolutely no way I could leave the Flamingo Air Freshener behind, you all know how much I love those cute pink fellas. And with my car due a clean at the weekend this would be the perfect accompaniment to bring a smile to my face for any long drives.

I'm always on the lookout for a new card holders as daily use with oyster cards and work passes requires them being pulled in and out of my bag means they can take a battering. The Alphabet Card Holder in it's gorgeous grey and mint green colour way caught my attention especially as it had a big old V on the cover - my nickname at work. One requirement of any card holder is a clear compartment so that I can flash my id card as I walk in and out of my office building and this had just that - perfect.

Neither essentials but both functional and who doesn't like to treat themselves occasionally. What have you treated yourself to recently?

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  1. Ahh love the flamingo air freshener, I wouldn't have been able to leave him behind either! xo

  2. Love that flamingo air freshener. Have been trying to be good, so the only thing I've bought this week is some food storage jars for my kitchen cupboards (yawn) and two bedside tables for my spare room!

  3. what a cute freshner! I need one in my office as someone is eating smelly food. lol Grace

  4. The flamingo is amazing!

    I looked at Chanel bags in Harrods yesterday... Looked. Just looking.. Then I treated myself to a Diptyque candle with my Harrods rewards points, it ended up costing me just £5!

    1. Oh which ones do you have your eye on at the moment! That's brilliant using your Harrods rewards.


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