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Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum Review

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum* link
I've never really been one for haircare. Shampoo, conditioner and off I go, complaining when my hair isn't behaving as I'd like. Last year I finally managed to tame my tresses, avoiding using the hairdryer as soon as I'd step out of the shampoo to minimise damage and exploring texturising sprays and the like.

My hair has thanked me for it but I am still prone to the odd bit of frizz which I've managed to tame with Dr Oranics' Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum*. The hair serum has sat in the depths of my beauty stashes for some time after not giving it much thought as I'm slightly paranoid about putting serums, oils and the like in my hair and fearing they'll make them greasier than they are. Much like learning using oils in your skincare won't make your skin oiler I thought I'd start giving this serum a try and see how I got on.

So Moroccan Argan Oil, the ingredient that every hair product wants to include due to its rich source of vitamins, antioxidant and fatty acids. Of course Dr Organic use an abundance of natural properties in their products and have combined essential oils and fruit extracts to create an great smelling product. I wish I'd started using this over Christmas due to it's spicy cinnamon scent.

You have a thick serum that is gel like in it's slickness. Yes it initially has a slight greasiness to it but that absorbs very quickly and you aren't left with hands that would contain excess products to undo any good work you might be attempting with this product.

There are a couple of ways you can use this hair treatment serum; applying directly to hair without rinsing, massaging through clean hair and styling or apply to dry hair for styling purposes. I've found most use for taming frizz, especially when I'm attempting to curl my hair and things can get a little fried or at the end of the day when I do some manic brushing and attempt more than a little lift than I'd like.

I was convinced that I wouldn't enjoy a product like this as I can't abide greasy hair but just a few small drops can achieve a sleek shiny look without the grease factor and it's become a pleasure to use. I can only imagine how long this bottle will last as even with recent frequent use I've barely made a dent in the rather nice glass bottle which is probably it's only downside as it won't make travelling with it ideal.

Are you a fan of Argan Oil and hair treatments? 

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  1. Never heard of this, but I do love a good argan oil! x

    Tea Party With Alice

  2. I love hair oil, I'll be trying this one - thanks!

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  5. Excellent product. Got a small spray to try it.. Smells great refreshing and the hold is strong with no flaking. I have a sensitive scalp and this product is easy on my hair. USE IT!! BLACKWOOD FOR MEN

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