Friday, February 20, 2015

Better than Seche Vite?

eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System*
I had been rather indifferent to the eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System* when it landed on my doorstep and wasn't in any particular rush to test out and review. I don't get that excited about nails/nail products. Yes I love a good red nail polish but my nails aren't fantastic as I've discussed regularly and I'm not diligent enough with taking care of them despite the hefty stash of products I have on hand - pun intended

I do paint my nails on a somewhat regular basis but despite using various good quality top coats I don't seem to get the extreme, no chipping wear everyone else experiences. Laziness means that when chipping occurs I don't rush to repaint and then a nail breaks and the whole cycle begins.

That could all be due to change due to the fantastic eyeCANDY Top Coat please let me tell you more.

I'd taken the necessary 'blogger photos' and then added the set to my 'test' pile and went about my business as normal till I was having a declutter of my nail polish collection. Last Summer I'd picked up the Maybelline Super Stay Colour in Hot Salsa and remember being thoroughly livid with it because despite it's rave reviews from bloggers everywhere it chipped almost immediately on me reminiscent of Chanel Nail Colours. The colour also wasn't what I expected for one called 'Hot Salsa' but I digress.

I decided to give it one last try before I moved it into my ditch pile and took the opportunity to test out the eyeCANDY products. Unfortunately I cannot get the lid off the base coat so note this review is solely for the top coat and it's performance alone. For info I used the Nails Inc Base Coat instead. 

As we know gel manicures are the thing right now and unlike many other nail systems in the past it's a look we can achieve at home although as I mentioned in this post they can cause weakness to nails after repeated use. We are now seeing a flurry of gel top coats which do not require UV lamps so cutting down the costs/equipment required yet still providing the longevity of a gel manicure - or so they say.

Let's just say I'm amazed because the eyeCANDY gel top coat is one of the best I've used of late. I'm excited if I can make 2 - 3 days out of my nail colour and I can report I am on day 6 and we're still going strong and that's with the nail polish I was ready to bin for chipping. Yes there is some signs of wear and a small chip on the nails I'd refer to as tools i.e. the thumb that's picked at something but otherwise if you were to look at my hands today you could be fooled into thinking they'd just been painted.

I've never been particularly wowed by Seche Vite apart from it's ability to speed up the drying process and whilst the eyeCANDY Top Coat is a similar consistency it's prevention of chipping far outweighs it and for a more affordable price tag.

Obviously due to my such rave review I want to explore this product even further and test with some other nail products and I'll report back on removal etcetera in a later post for completeness but either way I'm sold on this product that you can throw into your trolley during your supermarket shop.

*PR Sample

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'll definitely have to try and pick this up.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Do, I saw it one of my local/biggish branches of Tesco today so it's not too difficult to track down x

  2. Ohh, I do need a top coat, I've not bothered to repurchase mine!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I've never tried this brand but it does sound good! xx
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  4. This sounds so good, I definitely need to give it a try. My nails are always chipping!

    Amy xx
    The Perks of Being Amy

    1. Mine were too but I think I'll actually have to remove my nails polish in future when I want to change it.

  5. These sound so good I haven't found a good at-home gel polish yet, so this definitely is worth looking into!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    1. It's amazing, I'm using with a Collection nail polish at the moment and it's the same results.

  6. Adding it to my wishlist right now - you're such an enabler!! x

  7. I can't believe Hot Salsa chipped on you! It lasts for over 10 days on me x

    Gemma |

    1. That just amazes me - I consider it a win when nail polish last 10 hours!!


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