Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Red Roses and Red Nails

Goya Black Rose Fragrance* link
Red Carpet Manicure Glitz and Glamourous* link
Early readers of my blog will know if it's vintage roots and my love of anything from yesteryear and I'm completely in love with the packaging for Goya Black Rose*, a fragrance first created in the 1950's. The relaunch of this fragrance has been done with the assistance of the founders son and the original oil suppliers to ensure the iconic fragrance from it's time met high expectations for those who were disappointed when it was discontinued in the 80s. 

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of rose scents and this is very true to that and as such not for me but if you're a fan of rose you will love this floral bouquet of vintage glamour. I did wear the fragrance for the purposes of this post and the scent was long lasting yet inoffensive, even for my non rose loving nose.

What I do love is a good red nail polish and I recently tried my first from Red Carpet Manicure in Glitz and Glamour*. Firstly I wish I had this nail polish at Christmas as it would be the perfect shade but it worked just nicely for the recent Valentine's Day celebrations. I'd call this a true red but given a shimmer dusting. It's the grown up version of glitter. The lacquer lasted a good 3-4 days before I started to see chipping although I expect even longer results with my eyeCANDY top coat going forward. I can fast see this shade becoming part of my red nails kit. 

Red nails and red roses, one could almost believe it was Valentine's Day again!

*PR Sample 

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  1. I always hated rose scents until about 4 or 5 years ago, when suddenly my opinion changed and now I rather like them. x

    1. Isn't it funny how tastes change, maybe one day I'll grow to love it. x

  2. A beautiful colour - I remember your vintage roots! ;)

  3. I am not a huge fan of red on me but this color is simply gorgeous and would definately try. Rose scent on me smells like I did not shower...lol Beautiful picture Grace xoox


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