Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mistletoe Ready with The Breath Co.

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As a single girl one of the Christmas traditions I enjoy is the hanging of mistletoe - what better excuse is there to pucker up with eligible suitors. The one thing that could lead to my downfall is the fact I am a smoker so luckily I have The Breath Co. to offer me a hand.

It's a strange thing to admit but I hate brushing my teeth, always have done. I'm not entirely sure why but I just find the whole experience traumatic, slight over dramatisation but either way I'm not a fan so I want the products I use to be quick and effective with minimal gagging - not attractive.

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Toothpaste* has a mild flavour which I find inoffensive compared to many as I'm not a fan of mint either so this mild, not really minty at all taste is perfect for me. The dentist recommended formula eliminates the bacteria that causes bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean rather than just minty like other brands. A major plus for me was that you can eat/drink straight after brushing which you certainly cannot do with the mintier varieties, fresh orange and regular toothpaste is a big no no. I'm also very lucky despite my smoking that my teeth aren't too discoloured and to maintain this The Breath Co combine OXYD-8 and Aloe Vera to clean and brighten teeth.

In addition to disliking teeth brushing and despite my skill for downing vile tasting shots I'm also not a fan of mouthwash, again this may be due to the overly minty taste. Once again like the toothpaste the taste of the Fresh Breath Oral Rinse says mild mint but again as a fresh taste, almost tasteless but in a positive way like I'd say water is. Again OXYD-8 is included and this aids removing sour, bitter and metallic tastes all which can be remnants of nights out or exotic meals.

It's quite amusing to me that something I saw as a necessary evil has become something I don't associate as a negative and I've got into quite the habit of using my mouthwash after meals and the like. I'll definitely be keeping up this new regime as we move closer to the festive season and don't forget to wish me luck under that mistletoe.

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