Thursday, November 6, 2014

Biosculpture Nail Polish Review

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I don't know about you but I'm a fan of matchy matchy - that's the same colour manicure on my hands and feet. That can sometimes be a problem when I go for a gel manicure if I don't want to go for gels on my toes (if you do it's not going anywhere for a long time fyi). 

Biosculpture have come up with a solution if you want to match your colour without the need to have a gel pedicure, a range of nail polishes available to buy that match their gel shades. This is fantastic news for me. Even back in the days of having acrylic manicures I would bring my own polish so that I could ensure the colour of my toes were not slightly off to those on my hands.

Whilst your Biosculpture manicure is unlikely to go anywhere fast (you can read about my experiences here) sometimes you're unable to get to a salon quickly and a chip does occur so it's handy to have the corresponding colour polish on hand to touch up - perfect for holidays too.

I have a range of shades, the blue of which is a pretty good dupe for Barry M's Guava if you're interested and they come in petite bottles perfect for travel. It's possible that a brand famous for gel manicures may not excel in the nail polish stakes but I was pretty impressed with the formula. Two coats, maybe more for the darker shades was all that was needed and chipping was only experienced a few days later. 

Are you a fan of the matchy matchy look?

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  1. Stunning colours! I tend to only wear clear and pale pink - Chanel! :)

  2. Let's say I prefer to mix and match! However, this idea is stunning indeed if you have gel nails and want to match your toes.

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  3. My feet the color will stay on forever so at least one week they match in the winter I do not care if they match. I only do gel if I go away or have a special occassion and need the gel to stay on never on the feet. I love that for close to 2 years I took off my acrylic nails and now I keep them short and I can change the colors more often. Grace xoox


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