Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How clean are your hands?

ecohydra hand sanitiser* link
Hand sanitisers may not the most glamorous of topics but they're worth talking about nonetheless. Cold season is upon us and I for one have been sniffing and sneezing since the temperatures took a drop recently and it's time to up the anti to killing germs.

Years ago cleaning hands didn't go beyond the typical hand washes unless you found yourself on a hospital ward yet now my company supplies anti-bac gels on our desks, we have Ebola warnings in toilets and the likes of Soap & Glory have sweet smelling versions to keep our hands clean from germs.

I have just started testing Ecohydra's hand sanitiser which is created to be 100 times more effective at killing germs and bugs whilst keeping it alcohol free. I have to say alcohol free wasn't something I considered a danger beyond the harshness of drying out the skin till it was pointed out that alcohol is flammable and as a smoker this could certainly be an issue!

Ecohydra's alcohol free formula has many other benefits, as it does not dry skin it will therefore not create an environment for bacteria growth, repeated application of ecohydra will not make it become less effective like other brands which use an alcohol base and did you know that even NASA has been used in astronauts food preparation areas as it was the product that passed tests and did not cause irritation amongst it's users. Well if it's good enough for NASA.

Practically this bottle is a little larger than some products on the market but it doesn't feel any heavier and I've been carrying it around in my bag without concern. It's a must have as a London Underground user - let's not even think about the germs flying around those packed carriages. 

I was dubious about the foam formula as we know they can often be sticky but even when I've been over zealous with the pump action and feared I would be left with wet hands the formula dries quickly without causing any discomfort to my hands. 

Ecohydra may not be the most sexy of products to look at but it's effective. There are no gimmicks nor fancy scents but if you're looking for a no nonsense product with a whole host of benefits then this is where to go.

How frequently do you sanitise your hands?

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  1. We use them a lot at work to be honest. And as we deal with money (the worse germ carrier ever!) they become a must. Never thought about the flammable aspect before.

    X x

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who was completely oblivious to that either! x

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  3. I never thought of the flammable aspect either!! In my line of work my hands are rarely clean :( When I started I used gel all the time but I must admit to being more slap dash now. In the last 2 days I've emptied nearly 40 bags of donated items so you can see how difficult this would be. Although this post has made me think again! x

    1. I think it's hard to remember to do it all the time but it's something I'm trying to get into a habit with that's for sure! x

  4. I'm obsessed (as you know) with antibac!! Can't live without it! X

    1. Of course and I still have a stash waiting to pass on to you! x

  5. I always carry hand sanitiser with me, especially as it's sometimes harder to find a sink and soap than you would think it would be! This sounds like a great product to pop on your work desk.



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