Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Brody

Today I'm allowing an indulgent post to wish my nephew a very happy 6th birthday, the little boy that first made me an auntie. Whilst I'm biased of course Brody is an adorable little man if not, and I mean this affectionately of course, a creep at times. Few things make my heart melt than him running up to hug me when he see's me, telling me he loves me and he's one of few people that would get away with waking me up at 5am in the morning that's for sure.

His birthday seems the perfect opportunity to share a how proud I am moment. A few weeks ago we were at a party together where all the children were given various balloon creations by Elsa (yes not only does she specialise in 'ice' but balloons too). Violet lost hers somewhere along the way and got rather upset and whilst me and my sister-in-law were trying to explain that she didn't need one we looked up and Brody had gone over to the Elsa who was packing away and explained his sister had lost her balloon and could she make another - is that not the cutest thing? His cheekiness knows no bounds that when Violet burst the balloon a mere five minutes later (she really was not destined to have this balloon!) and he went back to Elsa and asked for another.

So happy birthday once again Brody and look forward to your party at the weekend.

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