Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leanne's Lockets Charm Bracelet

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My friend Lisa seemed rather disinterested last week when I mentioned how I wanted a bracelet. There was no bracelet in mind just a decision that I needed a new one for my collection but she didn't seem too keen to help me find one.

It all became clear when she produced a gift for me at the weekend which was in fact a bracelet. Lisa has long been a fan of Leanne's Lockets and has a floating charm necklace and when she saw that there was a new bracelet range she decided we both needed one.

The bracelet is of course adjustable and due to the locket face is quite bulky which I like from a bracelet. Obviously the joy for this sort of product is choosing the charms to go inside. She picked an angel wing and crown for me but said I could pick others as I wished.

I think these would make such a personal gift for friends and family as you can choose from over 100 charms which are most significant to the recipient. The necklaces are affordable at £25 including four charms or £22 for a bracelet with two charms and due to such a speedy turnaround from Leanne you can order right up to the last postal dates (in the UK) of 18th December.

The lockets themselves are made of stainless steel so they will not rust of tarnish and hypoallergenic and you can choose from either gold or silver colour options to create a bespoke gift for someone special or even yourself.

Leanne has just launched her website which you can find here or you can find her on Facebook.

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  1. It's really cute! I like the vintage vibe and the little charms in it!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  2. What a beautiful idea and such a lovely, thoughtful gift! <3

  3. It's adorable and I spy Audrey! We need to chat bags... I will DM you soon! :)

  4. REally pretty and unusual - I like it!

  5. Love this! We have them too I still have not seen bracelets or this pretty and those are alot less money too. Adore them great friend you have very sweet. Grace xoox


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