Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

As I thought about putting this post together I couldn't help but think what a good year I've had and I love looking back through my blog to see what I was able to share with you!

Of course this year saw the arrival of 3 gorgeous little ladies, Sophie (whose birthday we celebrate today!), Evelyn and of course my fabulous niece who my brother and SIL already fear is a mini me!

I failed miserably at going to the gym, might have put on a little weight but in the process discovered a new style of dressing and purchased my first pairs of trousers in years!

My flat welcomed new furniture and was rearranged to my liking, becoming the cosy little palace I've always wanted and is currently undergoing further transformation!

There was the discovery of Tumblr where I reblog fabulous images and quotes that make my heart sing when there isn't the brain power to put a "proper" blog post together

I said goodbye to brace face and my braces were removed revealing some gorgeous nashers!

After years of talking about participating in vintage fairs I finally found myself sharing a table with Rose once or twice throughout the year

The arrival of an unexpected new car which I'm collecting today!

And the most important thing has been sharing some fabulous days out, parties and lunches with family and friends, from my mini breaks to my brother's home where they've entertained me like a visiting Royal, attending the polo alongside Peter Andre & the cast of TOWIE to too many bottles of wine over lunch with the girls at work - there have been some fabulous times!

So many wonderful things have happened this year and there is already much to look forward to in 2012 including more babies, weddings and a holiday to Florida!!

Tonight my plans are a night in with a few DVDs, some lovely pork belly from M&S and maybe a glass of wine or two!

Happy New Year to you all 

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  1. Happy New Year hun,let's hope it's a good one filled with love, laughter and happiness xx

  2. wow lady, you've had a great year!

    Here's to 2012 being just as fabulous!

    Happy New Year xx

  3. no, not just as fab, even better than! xx

  4. Sounds like you had a good year.

    Wishing you and yours health, wealth and happiness for 2012.

  5. what a great year in reviews! and oooh look at the new car!! awesome! have fab new year hun!

    xx susan

  6. Happy new year lovely lady... lets hope we can meet up again in 2012 :) xx

  7. Glad you've had such a good year, Victoria - here's to 2012 being even better! X

  8. Happy New Year! ... :0)

  9. What a lovely post, looking back at some fab times. Let's hope the next twelve months are just as good for you. Love the new car. Thank you so much for all your regular visits to my blog over the past twelve months and for the wonderful comments, I appreciate them very much. Enjoy your evening, it sounds like it's going to be fun. All the very best for 2012.

  10. Happy New Year my lovely! Hope 2012 brings you an even bigger and better year xxx

  11. Florida your suppose to be coming to Alaska.....Have a wonderful start to 2012 and maybe another wedding in the next year???

  12. What a great year and a huge hoorah for new car! Wishing you an amazing 2012 chickadee :o) Scarlett x

  13. What a fabulous year you've had - simply gorgeous Diva xxx
    2012 will bring me back to Europe *squeal* it's been 8 years since I walked the streets of London!

  14. New car looks fab! A big happy new year to you. Hers to 2012 and all that it brings us.

    I am home too this evening, other half has a bad back! Hey ho. Lolo xx

  15. What a great year you've had and I love your new car, thanks for leaving me lovely comments on my blog and for being my lovely "blogging" friend, happy new year, lucey x

  16. Victoria, Happy New Year to you and I hope 2012 holds everything you ever wanted!! You did have a fabulous year!! Love your new car!!

  17. Wishing you love and joy this year and health and happiness too...
    May all your dreams come true...
    Warm Wishes,


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