Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bye Bye Christmas

Today I finally finished packing away all my Christmas decorations

and my tree is ready to put away for another year

Hmmm I need to sort out those fairy lights if I don't want a struggle next Christmas!

Cabin fever is setting in this evening having spent 2 days at home tidying, sorting and decluttering!

I've removed my ugly curtain rails from the lounge so my windows have gone from this

to this

I don't know if it's just the feeling of space having a 7ft Christmas tree no longer taking up room but I'm loving how open removing the curtains and rails makes my lounge feel

I will be adding blinds rather than curtains in due course and can't wait till I can get to the stage of dressing the window sill

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  1. I think my curtains may be coming down too, we already have blinds so really no need for the curtains.
    Looks much better I think xx

  2. I will be putting all my Christmas things and my Christmas tree away over the weekend. I am ready! Good luck with blinds!

  3. I am not ready to give up my Christmas yet!! I will start this weekend and save the tree for last. Your apartment (flat?) is adorable. I am torn with curtains or blinds....I like the blinds look but also very Hospital like feel. I have some with drapes and some with just blinds. lol Grace xoox

  4. I love the feeling of putting it all up and its bliss taking it all down!
    I finished yesterday.......yeah!

  5. you are worse than me for wanting to get everything put away! I'm glad with what has been done here, and am looking forward to finishing off the rest next week.

    Yes, the rooms ALWAYS seem bigger once everything has been given the boot!
    But I think in your case, removing those curtains has certainly helped alot.


  6. I love that feeling of space when everything gets packed away. although I'm not ready to pack away yet!
    Lisa x

  7. I usually pack my trimmings away early, everything starts to look a bit bedraggled after Christmas, but you're way ahead of me. I suppose mine will get done over the weekend.

  8. It's always a nice feeling getting the decs down and packed away, isn't it? I usually do mine just after new year x

  9. looking at your windows, reminds me to take down the curtains too! im still trying to relax and delaying putting down all the xmas decorations ...guess i'll be doing it after new year :)

  10. Wow that was a quick Christmas! I couldn't bare to take down my decorations yet! I want to hang onto the Christmas spirit as long as possible! (I'm hoping to keep mine up until the 6th)

    Saying that, I'm really looking forward to having more space and tidying the flat good and proper! So I know the relief you must feel! xx

  11. I've no idea for how long my tree and decs will stay up ..let's hope my mum will do it this weekend whilst I'm away :)
    Happy New Year V!

  12. My christmas decs will be up until after new years eve, they'll probably come down on the 1st or 2nd Jan. Probably see you Saturday at Kel's for Sopharella's birthday


  13. Your quick off the mark with the decs :0) I don't like to pack mine away until about the 4th of Jan, that is when they all start to annoy me and I start to notice dust on the tree baubles ;0) xxx Have a lovely New Year

  14. thanks for the sweet comment! :O)

    good, I'm glad you're staying in for NYE, I can't help but worry about people I know going out and about. Much better to be safe at home.

    Enjoy your NYE, and the pork belly! Yum!

    Happy New Year!

  15. You should know that reading this post has convinced me to get moving on taking down our Christmas decor!! I am the biggest procrastinator so I needed this :-)

    XO - Marion


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