Friday, December 30, 2011

Painting Progress!

Last night I decided to start painting my front room

Still much to do when painting a room that you "live" in most of the time, filled with furniture it's a lot of shifting around but I promised myself I'd do this makeover slowly but surely!

Tonight I have an evening of eBay listing and decluttering - I do love the lazy days between Christmas and New Year when they still manage to be productive!

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  1. Good luck with the painting hun. I really should follow suit and get ebaying and decluttering but im still in chrimbo mode (any excuse to be lazy here!) Scarlett x

  2. wow, you are one organised and determined young woman! Love that you are starting the new year on such a busy and positive note.

    And good for you, for just getting on with it. Admirable!


  3. I am all for the decluttering and eBay listing! I am surprisingly quite organised ahead of the New Year.
    Good luck with the painting, I am sure your dream living room will be ready sooner than you think xxx

  4. A girl after my own heart. Started painting frames and cubes today, all those little projects that have been tucked away in boxes. Can't wait to see your lounge when it's done. Have fun! Lolo x

  5. good luck with the painting, i'd probably do that in summer..itching for a makeover too!

    xx susan

  6. You are being very productive. Good luck with the decorating, hope it goes to plan.
    Lisa x


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