Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Frock is a word I'll always associate with my dear nan and I certainly think my recent purchase wouldve been met with her usual joke 'I'll borrow that when you're finished with it'!
I popped into monsoon this week to see if I could take advantage of their seasonal discount. I love monsoon clothes but do find them a tad on the pricey side! 
This dress had £25 off making it a more palatable price to pay for a dress that I'll get a lot of wear of during the festive (there's that word again!).
It'll be perfect for work when I'm off to some christmas 'do's' and even better looks good with flat ballet pumps so I can dance away! 
I'm also thinking this will be the dress to wear Christmas day as it'll be comfortable enough to accomodate a big dinner!!
Have you brought yourself a new frock for Christmas yet? 
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  1. I always use 'frock' too. It just feels a bit comedy, so I prefer it. I also call trousers 'trews' and I honestly think I'm the last person in the world to do so! Well, almost, now a little 5 yr old calls her dresses frocks and her trousers trews. My work here is done!

    Loving your new frock! Love. it. No need for me to buy one, as when you 'stop work' (as people like to call it) you don't get invited to anything. Even though your husband works at the place that you used to work with him and most of the people there worked with me - still no invite. Nice.

    Not that I care really, I love being home with girly girl, so that's ok, but sometimes it would nice just to be asked! And there are times when I miss getting all frocked up and spending time getting ready to go out. Maybe the girl and I will have our own Christmas do this year, and curl our hair and eat rubbish. That's a fab idea!

    orf I toodle. Christmas assembly for us today. no idea why, but the little 'uns are going to be singing in their jim jams, something about Father Christmas needing a wee! Ah, the good old traditions are the best! ;o)


  2. lovely dress! Will look gorgeous for parties and like you said, excellent for christmas day! I do love monsoon!
    Rachel :)

  3. fabulous frock hunny... love the word and yes I still use it and like you it always reminds me of my nan... enjoy the festive season in your new frock!

  4. I love it it could go from day to night beautifully!!
    very sweet!

  5. Hahaha I love the word "frock"! I love saying it to a young young person. They look at you so strangely! lol Love your frock you will be the belle of the ball! Grace xoox

  6. Victoria, you will look lovely in your frock! It is really gorgeous.

  7. Its lovely - i think its a tad pricey in there too :o) Scarlett x

  8. It's lovely! I've got to work on Christmas Day, so no need for a new frock :-(

  9. Lovely and very classy hunny!
    Enjoy your office Xmas parties then!

  10. My father, who was originally from England, often referred to dresses as frocks. He was born in 1919; his father was a Ladies tailor so I imagine that was their usual terminology.

    I love the word - it always makes me think of a beautiful summer dress - maybe with a lovely matching hat!


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