Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Weekend

Progress on the flat has been continuing well this weekend starting with putting my shower curtain up in the bathroom

The shower curtain was brought on one of my America trips from Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic range at Target (and yes I am regretting not ironing it before I put it up!)

Yesterday I came home from the charity shop with a table for my lounge

The one I did have in the space before was too small - this one fits like a glove! It'll be added to the list of items to be painted

And finally I'd jokingly sent a friend this link the other day suggesting it'd make a nice gift for my birthday, imagine my pleasure when I found this in TK Maxx!

It was only £30 and provides more storage in the kitchen (currently holding my supplies for the Simnell cake I'm planning to bake this week)

Now I'm off to lay my table for a friend who is coming for dinner tomorrow

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  1. What a great find, I love TKMaxx.
    Love your shower curtain by the way,
    Rachael XX

  2. Bathroom is looking great! I love that Kenwood mixer of yours you know. I have the kKitcheaid one, but frankly that looks just as good!

  3. I love the new storage, what a great gift!

    Rachel XxX

  4. Hey Doll!
    That table was a GREAT find...fits perfectly!!
    Oh and swoon for that coke storage! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    I havnt forgotton your housewarming pressie by the way...what colour??? ( oh and no protesting either..I know I dont have to but I want to...ok???):~)
    Hope you had a goodun and enjoy your dinner party x
    Annie x

  5. Love the shower curtain, unironed it is even more shabby chic, isn't it :-)? Love the coca cola cooler/storage, it is made for your kitchen! Have fun!

  6. Gorgeous shower curtain and love the coke storage. Have fun laying your table. x

  7. Ironing? Whats that??? ;-)
    Oh I do hope that friend is me??? Is it me??? Humph! It not me :-( LOL
    All's looking really well there Victoria! xxx

  8. It's looking so pretty. Love the shower curtain ( the heat/steam is sure to smooth out the wrinkles).

  9. Looking brillliant! That table is perfect! One problem area down! Can't wait to start painting the bits now!!!

  10. Love the storage & shower curtain. I really need to get to TKMaxx :) x

  11. Hot steamy shower will make the creases drop out, it will look perfect then. Will get that corner unit over to you asap.

    Hugs RosieP x

  12. How pretty is that shower curtain?? The flat is certainly looking "Home Sweet Home" Lucey xx

  13. its all looking great :)
    I love the shower curtain xxx

  14. You've made some great progress!! It's all looking lovely!! good finds too!!!

  15. It's always so lovely making a place your own :) x

  16. I love the shower curtain, it is gorgeous! OOooh, making Simnel cake, please show us the finished yummy! suzie xxx

  17. wonderful! You have great taste. I think the shower curtain looks gorgeous unironed, and I think RA would approve, after all, she talks about crinkly comfortable fabric instead of beautifully ironed! :O)


  18. I love your shower curtain, and what a great find in tk maxx! I can not wait to see your simmel cake. :) xxx

  19. Victoria, I love the shower curtain material-very beautiful!! I also love you tablecloth and the pink cake stands!

  20. wow I LOVE your blog and your coca cola cabinet is fab - I love a good TK Maxx find!

  21. Is it the little pop looking machine?? How adorable! Lori


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