Thursday, March 4, 2010

Braces & Bedrooms

Today I'm back to the dentist to get the braces fitted on my bottom teeth - eeeeek!

I'm pleased to say (as the photo demonstrates!) my braces haven't put me off sharing a big grin!

That was braces now for the bedroom

As I mentioned Tuesday I wasn't quite happy with my bedroom so that evening I went home and decided to have a shuffle around!

Ideally the wardrobe would have to stay where it is as I didn't fancy my chances of trying to move it!

Don't worry I have been sleeping on sheets with a duvet!

My main concern was how my chest of draws were placed

My TV sat on this taller one

And opposite them was the smaller set but it didn't feel right like that


I turned the taller draws on an angle and centred my tv which immediately changed the feel of the room (please ignore my makeshift candlewick bedspread curtain!)

I moved my smaller draws to the other side of the bed....

Now all this work has raised a further dilemma which I'd like your opinions on!

As you can see I now have space (when I remove the boxes!) to the left of the bed

Do I buy a second chest of draws or put my mirrored dressing table you all loved so much there?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. I wish I could have had such a big and lovely smile as yours when I had my brace on!

  2. Looking good hun, i'd say put your dressing table there.
    If you're anything like me, you'll be forever changing things around.

    B xxx

  3. Your braces look good. Before I had my son Dylan, I was a Dental Nurse in an Orthodontic Practice. XxX

  4. How are you enjoying your new home? xxx

  5. I am all for the dressing table. It is so beautiful!

  6. Nice smile Victoria!!! Your bedroom is looking good!! If you don't use your dressing table in there what will you do with it??? If you have another use for it, and want all the same units in your bedroom then get another chest of drawers!!! Now was that helpful or confusing!!!!

  7. Your room looks really lovely, and you have a beautiful smile!
    Emma x

  8. I'd put the dressing table there, and I have the curtains that match your duvet cover in my bedroom I love that design, the flats looking really good.

  9. Loving the bed spread is looking good!!! xxx

  10. Your bedroom is looking great! I can't wait to get our own place, I think I am looking forwards to making it pretty the most!
    You have a lovely smile and I can barely see your brace! I had braces when I was younger but have since had to wear a clip in brace every night to ensure my teeth don't sink back to their original place, it's so annoying! xx

  11. I really like your house.. and i think you have got a lovely smile!!

    Angie xxx

  12. I really love your bedding! Just like Rachel M, I worked in Othodontics too. SueXX

  13. On the drawers front, I would go for another set of drawers personally, but if you prefer you could use your dressing table if it fits in with your scheme !!

    Braces are looking good

    Hugs RosieP x

  14. Drawers!!!! I'll pick you up at 8 :)

  15. Get that grin, marvellous!

    Hmmm what to do with that space? If you need more drawers then maybe match in with the others? If you don't I'm quite fancying a lovely mannequin to hang some pretties on!

    Reckon you should keep those curtains, could be new trend!! xx

  16. The bedroom looks great and I would put the dressing table there. Your braces look wonderful by the way! You still have a gorgeous smile!

  17. You are just too cute...

    I love your bed linens and I like the idea of another set of drawers. Really like the way you angled the chest in the corner...looking good:)...hugs, Linda

  18. Turning the chest of drawers at an angle has made such a difference. It looks great whether you go for more drawers (can never have too much storage) or your dressing-table. Great grin too!

  19. I hope you had someone to help you with all your removals! Why not try the dressing table and live with it for a bit - I am always moving furniture, and sometimes it is best not to rush out and buy things but just take a bit of time to see how it works.

    Pomona x

  20. Oh heck, what a dilemma, you see I am symmetrical kind of person ( you remember my pillow dilemma blog post, right?) so I would get a matching chest of drawers and put the dressing table somewhere else. If there is space for it somewhere else.
    Love your bedlinen, btw.
    And I am sure you got the biggest smile in the whole of blogland.

  21. Every post I read brings more and more jealousy for me!
    When I was a girl I always always wanted braces! I used to put my bubble gum in the top of my mouth just so I could sound like my friends when they spoke with their braces in!! Mentalist, I know! LOL

    Anyhow, SHELVES! Get a corner/shelving unit (think Ikea used to do one) A girl can never have too many shelves. To put all her thrifted goodies on of course!

    Love C. X

  22. I love that dresser in the corner, that was a good move!

    I had the same challenge in my daughter's room -- what do I put on the other side of the bed??

    I ended up putting another chest of drawers there that didn't match the side table, but found things to put on each that tied them together (eg, both have milk glass lamps with matching shades, that kind of thing).

    I think the dressing table would be beautiful there! PLus, you'll get the good light from the window -- my dressing table has NO light, I wish it did!!

  23. You have such a beautiful smile already!
    I told you already: Put the mirror dressing table in!

  24. O.K fake Martha S. here! Switch nightstand to other side, put dressing table to nightstand side now.. I really love the big closet thingy, name leaves me, but really think it would look better centered on the wall, I know so darn heavy! But LOVE all the white!! I'm jealous! Love, Lori

  25. STOP! do not buy anymore new furniture...wait for the booties to start and invest in some old shabby furniture and will last longer and you will be able to move it around without the backs falling off :)

    Bedroom is looking good though!

    Love Happy


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