Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're off to see the Wizard

Twyla & Lindsey are hosting their Wizard of Oz gala and I’m so pleased to be joining in the fun!

Judy Garland's dress and blouse were in reality not white but pale pink. True white did not photograph properly in Technicolor and made the blue of her checked dress seem too bright

And those ruby slippers we know and love – they started out silver as in the book until it was decided that being in Technicolor coloured slippers would look better!

Ray Bolger was originally cast as the Tin Woodsman. However, he insisted that he would rather play the Scarecrow as his childhood idol had appeared in the role on stage
The Cowardly Lion's facial makeup included a brown paper bag meaning actor Bert Lahr couldn't eat without ruining his makeup. Tired of eating soup and milkshakes, he decided to eat lunch and have his makeup redone

Jack Haley took over the part of the Tin Man when Buddy Ebsen “dropped out”. Buddy had in fact been rushed to hospital unable to breathe due to the make up containing aluminium dust which coated his lungs.

Many of the Wicked Witch of the West's scenes were either trimmed or deleted entirely, as Margaret Hamilton's performance was thought too frightening for audiences. Margaret also suffered a serious injury on the set when her make-up heated up and nearly caught fire in the scene where she disappears in a cloud of orange smoke and fire. As it was, she suffered
second- and third-degree burns to her hands and face

In the movie Glinda is the good witch of the North. However, in L. Frank Baum's book, Glinda is the good sorceress of the South
The film received a mention in the Guiness Book of World Records as the film to which a live-action sequel was produced after the longest period of time (Return to Oz was released 46 years after The Wizard of Oz)

I hope you enjoyed hearing some fun facts from the Wizard of Oz

Now I'm off to check out what everyone else has done for this fun party!

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  1. Hay cosas que me resultan increibles y estas es una de esas.


  2. Victoria, Thank you so much for participating in our celebration today! Your facts were fun and interesting. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this movie! Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  3. Boy you must have done some digging ... just as well they made all the changes eh? I love the movie that resulted! Happy Wiz of Oz Gala!
    Sandi Fantasy & Fancy

  4. Great facts, you've really done your research.
    I'm now feeling the need to watch this film again, can you believe Jess has never watched it!
    Love your choice of top piccie, that was my main choice for my collage, great taste again 'hehe'!
    Beki xxx

  5. Poor Buddy Ebsen! I read somewhere it was pretty scary when the aluminum coated his lungs, plus having to lose a job due to an abrupt medical departure, too. I guess he made out okay, though, later on. Remember? He discovered a "bubblin' crude" while hunting for some "fude" on his land in the early 60s. Hey, come see my Oz blog? Thanks! P.S. Your blog page is beautiful!

  6. Cool! It's interesting how many thingsd change from book to movie! I am very glad that the shoes were changed to red!!!
    Thanks for having fun with us today!


  7. Great post Victoria! Do you know i love the wizard of oz, but dont know if ive seen Return to oz! i will have to look into it :)
    Thanks for sharing the interesting facts!


  8. I did quite enjoy those fun facts! You wowed me! I love all of the photos too- nice trip down WoO memory lane. Happy WoO anniversary!

  9. Awesome facts!
    Did you know the fortune teller in the beginning is also the guard that lets them into Oz, the man driving the carriage inside oz with the horse of many colors, and the wizard. he may be more i think my dad said he was 5 parts but that is all i can remember.
    My grandma even knew one of the munchkins from the movie he worked at a local restaurant down the road from her house!
    That movie will NEVER get old!! :)

  10. Loved all that information, so interesting to hear the behind the scenes stuff :o

  11. Hi I loved fun fact filled party! Come join my party 8-)

  12. oh, i loved your post!!! i have never heard some of those facts, nor did i know that disney released a movie!! i will have to watch that;)

    come visit my party!

  13. They were fascinating facts and I had no idea about any of them! Thank you Victoria!!

  14. Love the facts.....I noticed that people are using 2 spellings for Glenda~Glinda???

    I googled and it shows both:)

    I think I may have to watch the Wizard of Oz again....this event has brought so many great childhood memories....I UPDATED my post.

    Once again..I am so fard behind on your blog that I need to go and catch up~

  15. Great facts, thanks for sharing this. I've never seen Return to Oz... I think it's wrong!!!! I've also never read the book :)

  16. Ooh I enjoyed this. When I saw the film for the first time at the age of four I had my first attack of the wanties. I wanted the shoes more than jelly tots.

  17. Oh wow I dodn't know any of those facts! Great piccies too. :) xx

  18. You always know how to distinguish yourself, don't you? ;-)
    When I was a child (and younger!) I used to watch a cartoon..the Tin Man was obviously my favourite one!
    Please, pop over...!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  19. Watch closely in the film when dorethys hair keeps changing length!

    Sam x

  20. I'm not a great fan of the film, but the Bun's really love it and so I get to see it pretty regularly. Really enjoyed the facts you found.

    Good luck scanning those photos - I found it fun, but it took so long.

    Lisa x

  21. I remember having to leave a performance of the Wizard of Oz because my friend was so scared of the witch - I was so cross! I was scared, too, but the shoes and the road were helping me to overcome the fear and hang on in there. So I have never seen it right through to this day! (I have a new computer, now, so I can comment on your blog - the old one refused!)

    Pomona x

  22. What a lovely blog you have, so so delightful! I too am saving (& dreaming) of a house and I too love NYC! :)

  23. FANTASTIC POST HUN!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this film! My fav moment is when she opens the door into a rainbow filled world from the black and white house...
    Right have to go watch it again now!

    Annie x

  24. I see you ALL the time on all of my favorite I thought I would pop on over to see what you are about! :) Great post on WoO! Hope to see more of you!

  25. This is darling! Love all the photos you got from the movie! It's such a treasure, isn't it? Nice post. It's so fun that Lindsey and Twyla would have this event. :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  26. Hi, this is a great post, so interesting. I love this film, have a great day! x

  27. Do you know I always found Glinda far more frightening than the bad witch. Her make up is far worse!

    Just read Wicked so found this a fascinating read.

  28. What fun! My sister and I ritually watch it every year!

  29. Hi Victoria! Wow, I sure would like to see some of those deleted witch scenes!! Poor Margaret, she loved children but they were always afraid of her after the film.
    See you at the GWTW Ball!


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