Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday I promised to show you some of my purchases from my shopping trip to London
I can never resist notecards or notebooks so the new Hummingbird Bakery stationary line was perfect for me!

Once again I helped line Cath Kidstons pockets - she knows I can't resist polka dots

And as if I didn't shop enough yesterday I couldn't help a little peek in my favourite charity shop today and was pleased I did when I saw these Enid Blyton books

I hope you've all had a relaxing Sunday and if you pop back tomorrow you may find news of a giveaway ;o)

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  1. Love the stationary, i'm bidding on some on ebay at the mo, I have to make sure I don't get too carried away with my bids though lol!
    Blogger is so slow at the moment, it's taking forever to show anyones post, it's only because i've sussed it and i'm clicking on my faves to see if anyones done a new post.
    Great selection of EBs
    Beki xxx

  2. Oh the heaven of it all ... lining Cath's pockets is such great fun :)

  3. Oh, well done - I was looking forward to that! And talk of a giveaway too.. All very interesting, Victoria! Thanks.

  4. Love the books I want to read some! they are so innocent they make me smile!!!!

    Lots of Love
    Kelly xxxx

  5. You post quicker than I can respond! I'll be back for your give away ;-)

  6. Lovely goodies, I didn't know CK was doing those pillowcases again. I brought that range when it went in the sale. :)

  7. Ooh pretty goodies! Love that stationery :)

    Mel xxx

  8. Ohh lovely shopping goodies, and the books look fab. They are few and far between in my local charity shops.
    Can't wait for my Hummingbird book to arive!!
    Luv Sophie xxxx

  9. It looks like you had fun shopping! :)

  10. I love stationary too, love the Enid books too. Take care,

  11. Victoria
    Its so wonderful to see a young lady like you love such wonderful things! It would be truely remarkable for me to one day discover London with you! You can bet it would be my best trip ever! One thing, you know you'll have to pry me out of Kath! I would so love to have you at Noelle's wedding! I am fully prepared to dance the night away and have one hell of good time! I honestly think I the most excited!! Now hope I can find the perfect shoe soon!! Sending love,Lori P.S.If in a million years my auto law suit settles well$$$$ wanna show me around your town?? I've love to spend my first trip to Europe with my favorite British girl!!

  12. Lovely goodies! Your shopping is always so interesting! And you have the best shops in the world!
    I've just read Lori's comment, how kind of her to leave such a nice comment, you must be a diamond!
    Have a good start to your week!

  13. I'm so envious of your purchases!
    The books look super. My father in law was telling me the other day that my sister in law's kids (two boys aged 7 and 10) have just discovered Enid Blyton books and they are really enjoying them! x

  14. Hello!
    Love the dotty CK cases!
    I'm glad she has started to do them again!

    Love the books...have a great day!xxx

  15. Lovely purchases. I'm an Enid Blyton fan too x

  16. Hi Victoria, Looks like you found some great goodies there! The notecards are so bright and yummy! I see too below you purchase SEw sunny Homestyle? I had an email from Amazon with that book featured and had to stop myself from getting it! Maybe I should get it now that you loved it! Suzie

  17. I'd love to shop with you Victoria; I love your cherished finds, very fun!

    Happy Monday to you :D

  18. Where do you keep all these books? You should show us your book shelf! xxx

  19. ooh i got that EB circus book a few weeks ago!

  20. Great finds hun!!
    I used to love the Happy hours story book, I must have read it a million times through out my childhood..
    ..thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving those lovely comments..have visited yours and am hooked already!!! WE share a LOVE of the Practical Magic house too I see!! Oh if only...
    Look forward to reading more and will link to your blog so I dont miss a thing!

    Annie x

  21. Fabulous finds you have there Victoria! All those Enid Blyton books look fab. And you keep tempting me to buy that lovely looking hummingbird bakery book :)

    Hope you have a lovely week!


  22. victoria,you lead such a fabulous life,i am really quite envious!



  23. purchases are fab!.... and very envious of yet more EB books!... let me know when you & kelly are coming upto london and we can do coffee!... hugs Tx


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