Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rough and Bumpy Chicken Skin

Some time ago I had read another beauty bloggers US drugstore haul where they had mentioned picking up a body lotion for the, cue sarcasm, wonderfully named 'chicken skin' affliction. Chicken skin or to give it its official name 'Keratisis Pilaris' is those red bumps you find often on your arms or legs which no amount of exfoliating of body lotion seem to remove.

Last year I discovered Ameliorate Skin Smooth Body Lotion which worked a treat for mine. With only small patches on one of my calves and my knees from sitting cross legged the tube lasted quite well which was handy as it's priced at £27.50 - quite a lot for a body lotion in normal terms.

I was keen to repurchase another tube of Ameliorate when prior to heading to Florida I remembered reading another beauty bloggers US Drugstore haul where they had found many body lotions to tackle KP. With a mental note in mind I scoured the shelves of Walmart and came across Gold Bond Ultimate, Rough & Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream which was priced just under $10 for a large tub. What a bargain would this be if it worked.

With claims that 90% of users found their skin had been improved I hoped I was onto a winner and it seems that I am. As I'd come to the end of my tube of Ameliorate and was enjoying the luxury of my legs being hidden behind thick black tights there were some returning signs of KP although not as evident as before I discovered Ameliorate. Using Gold Bond has seen an improvement matching the expectations I had from it's higher priced counterpart.

Thankfully due to such small patches I only need to apply small amounts to the targeted areas so I can imagine this tub lasting until my next trip the States. I have so many other body lotions at my disposal that I use them for other areas of my body but Gold Bond is a cream which is far more luxurious than it's fairly clinical packaging leads you to believe, I could happily rely on this alone.

If you're struggling with 'chicken skin' and are either in the US or heading there soon, don't forget to take a look down the aisles of the local drugstores and try a tub of Gold Bond.

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