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Benecos Natural Beauty Review

Shoppers who want natural and organic cosmetics, or those that are cruelty free are no longer subjected to 'lesser' products or those they have to seek far and wide for as brands such as Benecos can be found online or in your Whole Foods if you're lucky enough to have a local branch.

Benecos is a leading brand sold in Germany which we now have access to in the UK and their name means, quite simply 'good cosmetics'. As mentioned it can often be that a brand not so well known on the high street or one that touts it's natural claims may not hold it's own against the bigger brands so lets see what I made of the selection of products Benecos sent me to try.

Even if you're not concerned with natural claims it might be that you've found your regular nail polishes are causing irritation and as such need to seek out an alternative. Benecos Nail Polishes are 5-free, meaning free from; Formaldehyde, Toluene, Phthalates, Camphor and Colophony - in short all the things that could very well be causing those irritations.

I was interested to see whether longevity would be affected when omitting all those thing that I'm sure are how brands provide long lasting finishes. I have to say I was overwhelmed by the staying power of this product. I often complain that most nail products have a limited life span on my nails but Benecos Cherry Red Nail Polish* is one of the best I've tried. It easily lasted a week on my nails with no chipping or wear. And are you limited with colour choices from Benecos? Not at all, if you want nude nails, or something a bit more out there they have you covered.

Moving onto make up. All Benecos eye products are formulated with key ingredients like sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to ensure their eye makeup range cares for your eyes as well as making you look good.

Benecos Vegan Volume Natural Mascara* is designed to give lashes length and volume from a large bristle brush. It boosts a clump free formula to provide lift and separation. Unfortunately the mascara wasn't a hit for me. Whilst I liked the brush itself I found the formula to dry to work with. If you prefer your mascaras once they've dried out a little then this may be one for you.

Interestingly there only appears to be one eyeshadow quad available from Benecos which for me was average compared to other products I own. Benecos Quattro Eyeshadow in Coffee and Cream* comes in clear packaging which makes it appear different to the rest of the range. It's pretty standard by way of   colouring for these shades of brown. All the shades are smooth and creamy to touch with varying degrees of pigmentation. I enjoyed the lightest shade (top left) by way of a base for the lid and I could easily work with the three shades of brown but it was a very natural look without any punch for me.

I didn't expect to have anything significant to say about Benecos Natural Kajal Eyeliner in Black* but after testing and still seeing it in place by the end of the day it was another thumbs up from me. I have very watery eyes and any liner often starts to move or disappear after a few hours so this was a great result. Again I'd expect Benecos to have kept their line of colours available small but there are many available which I'll be keen to try in the future.

Moving on to lip products which again containing ingredients to ensure your lips are cared for such as organic jojoba and sunflower oil which will ensure they are hydrated throughout the day. I received Benecos Natural Lipstick in Marry Me* and Lipgloss in Flamingo* - yes how appropriate for me. I really liked both of these products, the lipstick being the perfect every day shade, a reddish pink with a shimmer thats not unlike Mac Lustre or Creamsheen finishes. The shade Marry Me sits well with Syrup and Hot Gossip as a no nonsense choice for any occasion. 

Benecos Lipglosses are formulated with natural Beeswax for that glossy appearance. I've used the gloss both alone or on top of Marry Me or other lipsticks in my collection. There is a slight tackiness but it is not sticky and lips feel nicely moisturised it even makes a good alternative to lip balms when lips are feeling a little dry. 

The Benecos make up line is priced comparatively to your high street favourites and definitely worth exploring if you have any concerns about how your make up is made or maybe you just want to simply try a new brand, there are some great products available and worth trying.

*this post contains press samples

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  1. The colour of that lipstick is gorgeous! X

  2. Ooh I love the colour of the lipstick - did it last?? The eye shadow colours are nice too xx

    1. It did, not the longest lasting as it's quite a sheery/creamy coverage but I'm used to reapplying the old lippies due to my naughty habits! xx

  3. Nail polish that id 5-free and lasts all week? I'm sold :) I'm definitely intrigued by the brand, will need to check it out! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Honestly I wasn't expecting much from the nail polish but was so impressed!


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