Monday, March 14, 2016

Stiletto Nails and me

It's been a long time since I've had long nails and I'm ok with that. Usually opting for a red finish I find that it suits my natural shorter nails and it's far better for me than the acrylics I once wore. That doesn't mean I don't look in envy at others fabulous longer nails and none more so than the stiletto style.

I've dabbled a little in false decorated versions with mixed results, House of Holland nails were just a little too large in size but I was a fan of the Elegant Touch Drama Queen style although acknowledge at the time that they did make day to day business a little difficult.

The biggest issue I was aware of when testing stiletto nails would be typing. I spend much of my weekends blogging so being unable to sit at my laptop would be a problem, hence why I'd not yet tried out the Elegant Touch 003 Bare Stiletto Nails I picked up recently. I was keen to try the nails and be able to choose from my own nail polish collection.

On Friday evening when I was sitting at home a little bored, and disinterested in picking up the laptop I decided to give them a go. If I wasn't going to be writing blog posts then why not. I also knew I had various plans over the weekend which meant that I would not be spending the majority of my time in front of the laptop.

The first issue encountered was before I had event applied the nails. I just could not get the glue to dispense. I tried a second bottle I had in another set in case I had a fault one - no luck. In the end I had to cut the nozzle off which made apply the glue a bit fiddly. It wasn't too much of a problem I just had to be more careful to drop it onto the nail itself.

In terms of size I found the nails a good fit but as expected the length was long but I liked it. I decided to miss base coat and instead went straight in with Nails Inc Coleville Mews* to imitate the nude nails I'd be admiring on Instagram and the like.

The next issue I encountered was managing the fact a longer nail requires more polish and effort to apply an even finish. If I were to look in the light I did see that nearer the tip things had petered off a little and perhaps if I was being more diligent next time I'd go for a third coat to avoid the dragging. I did use a top coat which helped even the appearance of them out and then voila stiletto nails were mine.

So how did I manage with these new talons? It wasn't as bad as I thought and as I was only spending the remainder of the evening on the sofa watching tv the more obvious problem was using my iPhone. I was easily able to get round this by using the side of my fingers, namely my thumb to use. My evening skincare regime came into question when I wanted to use fingers for getting products out of tubs and it was quite difficult to apply my eye cream and much care was needed.

The next day I managed to go through my morning regime with little problems, again eye cream was something of an issue and I tried applying my foundation with fingers and it was a little fiddly but not too bad. Aside from some difficulty pulling a card out of my wallet in Tesco I didn't come across any issues to cause concern.

Returning back to the sofa I did pull out my laptop and attempted to tackle my emails and frustration got the better of me. Anyone with these long nails who manages to type away I am in awe, what is your secret? I'm quite a fast typist but suddenly have to reply on the tips only slowed me down considerably and in the end I gave up.

Knowing that I would be spending Sunday catching up on blogging I decided to try cutting the nails down to avoid having to remove them completely. Of course this has changed the shape of them so defeats the object of wanting the style in question but it does mean that I was able to keep 'nice nails' without having to spend time removing them completely.

As I sit and type this post, with the shorter nails it still a little cumbersome but not enough to warrant their removal and I'll be interested to see how they fair at work today on a regular keyboard.

In conclusion I will definitely apply the stiletto nails again but for nights out and then rely on cutting them down for when my laptop will be in use.

Have you tried stiletto nails before?

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  1. I've never used those artificial nails, I always think I would be loosing them, haha! I don't know how people manage with very long nails, they're so impractical, even though they might look pretty :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. I've not used false nails for many years since finally stopping biting my own after years and years but they are something I would definitely use as a different shape to my natural nails, it's a good way of experimenting with a new shape, both my daughters have acrylics one has had them for a few months and one had stiletto shaped for the first time on Monday but she's a MUA and said she's going to have to go and have them filed down so she's the same for not being able to manage them :) but I'd definitely like to try them as a different shape to my nails as I always file them in I suppose what you'd call a squoval shape :) great post as always xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I go for the 'squoval' shape on my natural nails and as you say it's nice to try a different shape and length on occasion. I've just removed them this morning as a couple on my 'writing hand' had popped over but they lasted a good five days which is enough for me. I was starting to struggle holding a pen even with them trimmed down!


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