Wednesday, December 16, 2015

November Beauty Favourites

Once again I feel the need to 'apologise' for my late November favourites despite the fact I'm still wading through similar videos and blog post as I battle the Blog and Vlogmas numbers piling through my subscription boxes.

Anyway let's talk about the products, all make up this month and first is the Lorac Pro Palette, famous in blogger circles not least because it's unavailable in the UK. I was lucky enough to receive the palette for my birthday way back in April from a friend who moved to the US. After my initial euphoria at finally owning the much lusted for palette for one reason and another it ended up in the back of the make up drawer. I do seem to love an eyeshadow palette these days but it's only recently I have had the confidence to dive in and experiment, with successful results. As I've mentioned before as a working blogger, and by that I mean my day job is very much outside the beauty and blogging communities, my make up is applied bleary eyed in the mornings before jumping on the train to work. Yes you heard that right I'm managing to put my make up on before I get on the underground. Application must be quick and I'm not looking for dramatic smokey eyes, just a pleasing result and any mistakes would have to be seen in public or at best result in running late for work as I remove and start again.

I can't offer any new information on the Lorac Pro Palette than you might already know. The packaging is slim cardboard which isn't to everyone's tastes but I think it's faired quite well for being thrown around if not a little grubby. I think the magnetic closure is pretty impressive and I've travelled with this palette without any damage to speak off.

There's something about the colour offering in this palette that balances a choice of neutrals without being bland. Sixteen shade, half mattes, half shimmers it's hard to go wrong. Champagne and Taupe seem to be my most used although I've dipped into most colours at some point or another. White doesn't get much love and Black and Expresso are used more for lining purposes. As I plan for my trip to Florida in the new year this is definitely a palette I'm considering coming along with me.

I realise as I continue with my next product, Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plum Rose that this is a rather 'US' centred favourites. Not intention but possibly subliminally thinking ahead to my US wishlist. Milani is another brand that we do not find in the UK. Whilst I know that some US brands are finding there way to UK shores and/or are available to buy online I still prefer to shop in store whilst on holiday. So many US imports are on the local high street now I almost miss the days when you could buy something that 'no one else had' in the UK.

Climbing down from my soapbox the Milani Colour Statement Lipsticks are a product I had clearly heard talked about from American YouTubers and found across many a Pinterest dupes board. Milani Plum Rose is a dupe of Mac Craving. On one of my last trips I know I had a long list of cheaper Mac dupes that I decided to buy by way of trying the US drugstore brands whilst experimenting with colours I might want to purchase in the higher end Mac versions.

As it happened in most cases I was more than happy with the dupes and whilst I've not said goodbye to a lipstick in many years I'm slightly concerned to notice the Plum Rose bullet diminishing rather rapidly and maybe it's time to stock up.

Plum Rose is as the name suggests is the perfect Autumn/Winter berry shade. It's a wearable colour and makes a nice transition to the season and a change from my usual reds. I think I wore this all last Autumn and have done again the past months. It's a non drying, creamy formula which reminds of a more heavily pigmented Mac Creamsheen. Many are not a fan but I love the heavy Watermelon scent

I'm sure if I found this on the UK high street I'd turn my nose up at its cheap and tacky gold packaging but as they say, never judge a book by it's cover.

Continuing with the US drugstore purchases is the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles. This kept popping up both by way of an excellent under eye concealer and much talk about the Brightening and Neutralising versions only available in the US - in the UK we only see two versions, Nude and Light. My overwhelmed state at seeing all the products on offer and everything I wanted I ended up coming home with the Eraser Dark Circles in a colour I could've picked up in Boots. So it was a fail on the exclusive shopping front but when I finally decided to try something other than my favoured Fit Me Concealer also by Maybelline I was impressed. And dare I say this might almost, almost be better than the Fit Me?

Everyone moans about the sponge applicator and the hygiene benefits but overlooking the state I leave my brushes in on occasion as I'm not actually using this on blemishes, my skin/hands have been cleaned before I dive in with concealers it's not something I'm concerned with. And if you're really worried apparently Maybelline have added some effort to ensure this is antibacterial ingredient. I've managed to keep it as 'clean' as can be with no complaints.

As an under eye concealer this is the dream. As I hurtle towards the end of my thirties anything that doesn't settle into the fine lines that are starting to appear gets a massive thumbs up from me. And those sleepless nights, you would believe I've slept like a baby when I use this.

I realise this post is getting rather long so I'll try to rapidly whip thought my final two items; Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation* and NYX Blusher* in Mocha. The foundation I've talked about in detail here and my grumbles aside I've been reaching for this on an almost daily basis. May I  also take some pride in this almost flawless Instagram Selfie #nofiler when wearing this foundation.

Mocha blush, unlike you would expect is a dusky pink matte blush that is a strong competitor for my favourite Mac Peaches & Cream from the Osbourne collection. This gives a subtle colour to the cheeks which makes a great shade to wear whether by day or night when stronger lip colours or smokey eyes are at play.

If you made it to the end of this post thank you, do share your recent favourites.

*this post contains press samples

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  1. I love Milani lipsticks and have Plumrose which is a fantastic dupe for Mac Craving which I bought not long ago without even knowing it, they both look identical on my lips and even the formula is so, so similar! I am also loving the Maybelline concealer! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. I really want to try Milani's lipsticks! I love Lorac palettes, though I don't actually have the Pro! The Charlotte Tilbury foundation and Maybelline concealer have been favourites of mine lately too - great picks xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  3. I have the Makeup Revolution copy of the Lorac Pro, and I do really love it. It's often the palette I take with me on hol as it's so versatile x

    1. I'm tempted to try the Revolution copy for comparison but seems a little frivolous!

  4. I liked the Lorac Palette. It seems like all the companies are just repeating the same things over and over though. Grace


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