Sunday, December 13, 2015

November Beauty Empties

This months empties saw me say goodbye to some favourites so with a heavy heart (melodrama at it's best) let's start with last months favourite products my Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner* duo. I always feel like my hair gets used to certain products and it did seem the case with this duo. My love of them in the beginning and frequent use of them, unlike others when I swap brands, made it seem towards the end it wasn't doing it's job. Don't let that put you off though as they were great at first.

When it was time to repurchase the Garnier Micellar Water I decided to give the version for Sensitive Skin a try. I don't have sensitive skin per say but thought I'd see if there was a different to the product. For me I saw no difference so I will probably return to the original formula. It's pink. It looks prettier what can I say.

Another Wet Brush bites the dust and am I glad that Boots is stocking them now. I can see myself amassing numerous advantage card points and stocking up on 3 for 2's when the time comes I do go through these so quickly. I have added one to my Christmas List and was using another brand of brush in the interim but I couldn't live without it so I repurchased. This is definitely my must have of 2015.

Another product that I can gain advantage card points on and I was sorry to see go was Liz Earle Superskin Face Serum*. As a beauty blogger I'm lucky enough to receive numerous products and as such have an extensive stock of products to pick and choose from. For this reason when I come to the end of the product, certainly in cases where I have an instant replacement I'll rarely be seen scrapping the bottom of a jar. In the case of this serum when the pump dispenser was struggling I unscrewed the pump and would use the tube to  scrap out what was left so I could use every inch. It may have a £48 price tag but it's totally worth it. As a day time serum I loved using this. Somewhere between a cream and gel texture it was light enough to use in the day and left my skin looking near perfect. This was a real hit for me and the only reason I will not be repurchasing immediately is that large stash of skincare I mentioned.

The Balance Me Pure Skin Facial Wash was a disappointing product for me, for personal reasons only. A magazine freebie and one added to my rotation as I try to use the products I have before buying others. I first starting using this during one of my holidays and because of the reasons I will get to I decided to use it back home so I could move it on quickly. The first problem was the scent. It was too floral smelling for my tastes and in the morning I definitely need something to enjoy to avoid getting the day off to a bad start. The next was it's texture. Most of my cleansers and balms have a lighter more creamy, gel or balm type. This felt thick and similar to a shower gel if I were to compare it too anything. Other than those personal niggles it did the job and didn't cause any adverse effects, only maybe to my mood. 

Without harping on about this excessive stash of mine, mascaras are another product I seem to have too many off. I'm sure they're supposed to dry out quickly and I certainly remember back in my use and replace YSL Mascara days I was repurchasing constantly but even this diddy Benefit Roller Lash didn't seem to disappear quickly. I have taken to using one mascara (give or take different event requirements) on a daily basis in an effort to use what I have up and mascara are one of those products I can instantly see whether I do or don't like. Benefit Roller Lash I did like and would be lining up to repurchase now if I could. It gives the perfect day to night lash effect, not thick nor heavy but enough to fan and lengthen the lashes. 

And we end with Hurraw! Lip Balm* a minty balm that has sat alongside me as I watched TV at home. Organic, vegan and moisturising and leaving soft lips with a cooling sensation after application. 

What have your beauty empties been this month?

*this post contains press samples 
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