Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Faking it for Christmas

I had my first Christmas night out last weekend and rather than splash cash on a new outfit I wore an old faithful and instead jazzed it up with some fun accessories perfect for the holiday season.

I have been itching to try 'stiletto nails' for some time and after dithering between WAH London press ons yet not feeling their designs I finally came home with the House of Holland Glitterbug False Nails by Elegant Touch. I rarely wear glitter nail polish as it's such a beast to remove so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have some 'the easy way'.

The first thing to note is that you will receive 24 nails of varying designs. Whilst this was obvious from the packaging to a degree and I wasn't too worried about mixing things up you will be unable to have a particularly matching manicure and will find a block nail here and a glitter tip there. The next issue I had was how big these nails are. I considered myself to have fairly big hands/nails and have never found myself struggling to find smaller tips before. Due to these nails being thinner in design than for example imPRESS nails I did have some trouble trying to find a nail that was thinner for the cuticle bed but not too thin for the nail itself. In some instances there was definitely a larger nail than I would need. Not so much something that bothered me for this one night out but others might want to consider this, especially if you've struggled with finding nails to fit in the past.

I'm of the age I remember the glue on nails which would barely last night with them pinging off all over the place, no danger of that with the House of Holland nails. The glue was amazingly strong, to the point I almost got myself in a right mess, glued two fingers together and struggled to get them apart! Fantastic news but do heed caution.

So how was my experience with stiletto nails? My word they are not for the faint hearted. We've all had those moments of having nails done, maybe longer than normal and enjoyed fluttering our hands about. Well that is pretty much a necessity with these nails. They are so long they do hinder your actions so much and let me tell you, pulling up spanx and tights is an endurance. Although again this does show how amazing the glue was as come the next day there was not one missing nail.

As I progressed with my hangover the following day I was less careful of losing one but they did not budge. In the end I had to soak them in acetone to loosen them as I just knew there was no way I'd be able to manage a day in the office as I could barely type a text.

Equally as long lasting were the Gold by Melanie* temporary tattoos currently available for a limited time only from Glimmer. Temporary body art has had something of craze lately and there was few photos of girls on Ibiza's beaches without sporting some. Despite my trip to Ibiza this was my first foray into the world of body art and I'm impressed.

If like me you're not keen for permanent body art and prefer to pick a more temporary then these are for you. For £13.99 you'll receive two sheets of various images from chains, words and hearts. My first tip is you will need a pair of scissors to cut out your chosen design and I'm glad I remember taking mine to the hotel last weekend.

I went for a star on my wrist which you may have seen over on instagram here (two days later might I add!). My friend eyed it up jealously and I was kind enough to share one for her too. I'd forgotten to wear my watch I had left home in such a hurry so it was perfect, without jewellery either to add something to add some bling.

The metallic gold of these tattoos is bright enough to make an impact without being garish or tacky and whilst it's obviously 'fake' it doesn't look like you've been at home with a sharpie nor are you left with an image that starts as a star and ends up resembling a jumbled mess.

As already alluded to these tattoos will last for days (assuming you're not particularly scrubbing at them etc). I've continued to shower, wash hair and the only time it started to rub away was when I put my watch back on. My only complaint is that some of these tattoos would look fabulous on the back but that will rely on some close at hand for application. Otherwise application is so simple and quick.

As I mentioned, cut out your chosen design. Remove the clear film and stick the design, face down in place. Next take a damp cloth or sponge and dab water in place. The ease with which the tattoo appeared and so evenly was mere seconds. We all remember those tattoo transfers as kids right? When you'd life the backing and find Batmans head left behind on the back and his body strategically placed on your arm. No danger of this here.

I always say a little black dress can take you from desk to disco and throwing on one of these tattoos is easily done in your offices toilets without having to carry around chunky jewellery.

The kind people at Glimmer have allowed me to share a discount with my readers if you want to add some temporary body art to your festive wardrobe. Just add discount code FLORENCEMARY when placing your order here and you'll receive 20% off up till 24th December. With over 20 designs to use that works out less than 50p at full price so with the discount what's there to think about.

Are you tempted to treat yourself?

*This post contains press samples

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