Saturday, December 12, 2015

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I don't travel around with my laptop as much as some and always just thrown it into whatever bag I may be using. After my trip to Dubai when I relied on a dustbag from one of my handbags I thought I needed something sturdier for my next trip.

Days before I flew to Ibiza I traipsed around the West End looking for something and was left empty handed. Everything I saw was either masculine or ridiculous expensive. I appreciate there is a cost to protecting ones laptop and if that is the case that's fair enough but I couldn't believe I couldn't find anything suitable under £20.

STM, a leading Australian bag and case designer got in touch (frustratingly after my high street search!) and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their line of bags called Grace. The Grace range, inspiring by the US Navy Admiral 'Amazing' Grace Hopper who helped develop the first programming language that revolutionised the computer range is bloody brilliant and perfect for women who are looking for functional products that balance simplicity and style.

I'll start with the product that I liked 'least' and that was the Grace Clutch*. I say I like it least but that is because on the occasions I've used it's not been fit for purpose but I'd say if you're travelling with numerous memory cards etc you'll be a big fan of it.

With two zippered pockets which when folded meet with poppers its the perfect size for those extra bits and pieces you may be travelling with. I tried getting my laptop cable in the clutch and it was too big so that was where it failed for me but as something to store memory cards, headphones, your ipod or similar it'd be ideal as well as smaller cameras.

The next two products I really love and am impressed with. Starting with the Grace Sleeve*. Available in numerous sizes to accommodate your Macbook. This sleeve is approx £30 which is the price I ended up paying for a far inferior sleeve when I reached desperate measures. Sleek and simple by design with a lovely snug, soft interior to protect your laptop. It's design means that you can happily carry your laptop under your arm if wanting to lighten the load in your bag or slide into your hand luggage.  Never has my laptop been so taken care of.

The Grace Deluxe Sleeve* is really something special and when I used it recently when visiting my parents with my laptop my mum picked it up and queried where it had came from and was rather jealous and I'm sure she'll be wanting to borrow it next time she is travelling with her laptop.

Whilst still following the slim design it has just enough additional space for a notebook and and other items, you could if you wish use this as a 'regular bag'. At £40 this is at the higher end that I or you might want to spend but I can see the justification in the price.

All the bags are available in neutral colours and what I appreciated was that whilst targeting women they didn't head straight for pinks or florals but kept things professional whilst adding some colour. I'd happily walk into a meeting with any of item from the Grace range and expect to be taken seriously.

If you have a friend or family member that you've spotted lugging their laptop around at risk of damage this could just be the perfect Christmas present.

Do you look after your laptop?

*this post contains press samples

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