Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Superdrug Limited Edition Sweet Shop Range

Judge me all you like, I'm 36 years of age and I love a novelty product. Since my obsession with Philosophy Shower Gels many moons ago I couldn't resist the more affordable Limited Edition Sweet Shop range when I was passing Superdrug last week. 

First up is the Raspberry Bubblegum Shower Gel which is one of the most nostalgic scents I've ever had from a beauty product. Yes it looks and smells EXACTLY like Slush Puppies. Honestly I could almost drink it. I wasn't expecting much and admittedly the scent is more instant gratification than long lasting but for a quick shower I can't complain as it lathered up as one would expect and served it's purpose. 

Next we have a Pear Drops Shampoo and Conditioner which again, for 99p each (the current introductory offer from Superdrug) I wasn't expecting much. I can't smell anything significant or like pear drops from this duo and my conditioner bottle cap has managed to burst somehow. That said as a washing duo I was surprised with the results. My hair looked clean and healthy after using. I wouldn't vouch for the longevity of using these products and I'll likely use these as an extra wash of an evening shower or if I'm spending a weekend at home but they were not as bad as I expected. 

Disappointing was the Lemon Sherbet Dry Shampoo which smells exactly of old school, artificial aerosol products. I've given it a couple of tries but it just does not do a thing with my greasy locks and when you have the affordable Batsite and Collab ranges there's just no comparison.

I can't quite decide how I feel about the Strawberry Bon Bon Scented Tissues. They smell lovely and look rather cute on my dressing table but do I want that scent when blowing my nose I don't think so.

And finally there's the product which I'm sure will have every skincare purists exclaiming in horror, the Vanilla Fudge Self-Warming Mask. Being the brave soul that I am I did put this on and it's the weirdest thing ever. It's literally like putting melted fudge on your face, it really does start to warm up, again like the fudge has been melted by heat and the smell is almost sickly sweet. I confess my initial wore thing very quickly and I just didn't enjoy the feel of this on my skin and washed it off mere minutes after applying. I have fairly resilient skin and it was not a casualty of this mask but I'd be wary of the young and sensitive if you're going to give this a try.

Overall a bit of a hit and miss range but for 99p per product and the novelty factor I'm sure there will be a lot of young girls that will love it. It'd make a fun gift that's for sure.

Have you been tempted to try this range?

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  1. They are adorable! I love the packaging.

  2. I agree you were brave using these and definitely the face masks!!! A nice idea as stocking fillers, not sure it's something I'd jump to try due to very sensitive skin

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