Thursday, September 3, 2015

Feel Rejunvenated with Radox

Whilst we haven't always had the sunshine that Summer promises we've certainly had some hot and humid conditions to contend with recently. Living in a ground floor flat I'm unable to keep windows open overnight so it's inevitable that come morning I wake up a little hot and sticky and welcoming diving into the shower.

Joining me for my morning shower is 'Feel Rejunvenated'* from the new Radox Cream range just the thing to help make me feel energised for the day ahead. Orange Oil and Vitamin make for a delicious combination that I've been pairing with Soap & Glory's Limited Edition Orangasm body polish.

I'm used to using a gel rather than a cream but I really enjoyed a little morning luxury from a cream. The Radox Cream range offers something for everyone whether you want to 'Feel Romantic' with orchid and blueberry, 'Feel Pampered' after a long day with Shea Butter & Ginger or 'Feel Calm' with Jojoba Oil and Camomile - what a line up and for less than £1 in more stores.

Have you tried a shower cream before?

*The post contains press samples

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  1. I've never tried a shower cream... I adore your postcard, is it vintage?

    Happy - nearly the - weekend!


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