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Karl Largerfeld K Klassic Shoulder Bag Review

Karl Lagerfeld K Klassic Shoulder Bag
Handbags are my 'thing'. I love them and every year I treat myself to a new one for my collection. I have been promising Candypop a peek at my handbag collection for some time so maybe you can call this the start of these posts as this is my most recent purchase. Well unless you count a Kate Spade clutch I brought in Dubai but I'll show you that another time. 

The biggest problem I had when deciding what bag to purchase for 2015 was that there wasn't really anything on my lust list, or what was there was beyond my budget or the very least one I could justify spending on a handbag. I was slightly tempted with a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli but something about it wasn't just right. Now I appreciate this is totally #firstworldproblems but please bear with me. The 'problem' I had was that last year I brought a bag, a Prada bag no less, on complete impulse and have been in love with it ever since. I own a Chanel bag but still it is the Prada Bucket Bag which holds my heart and actually makes me feel like my handbag collection is complete.

I decided that nothing was going to compare to the love the Prada bag and I had but there must be something I could add to my collection. Then I came across Karl Lagerfeld. Now we all know Karl is the man behind Chanel these days so surely his bags would be a thing of beauty?

I had a look online and unfortunately the Karl Lagerfeld site isn't great so I headed to Very Exclusive and had a look there and it was the Nude K Klassic that caught my eye. Could this be Karl's homage to that classic Chanel bag? There are most certainly some similarities I'll come to shortly. 

The best thing about the bags from Karl Lagerfeld, much like Michael Kors is that the range is in the 'affordable' designer bracket. I appreciate everyones budgets and tastes are different but do remember I'm a hard working, single 36 year old woman and I speak as relevant to me. 

Before hitting the order button I took myself to Karl's shop on Regent which is fantastic and had a look around. They had the K Klassik bag in stock but only in black which was handy as I only wanted to be cheeky and feel it for myself before ordering from Very Exclusive and taking advantage of the interest free payment options. 

I pranced around the shop with the bag and I was definitely happy with this to be the next purchase and promptly when home and ordered online. I don't enjoy beauty shopping online, but clothes, bags and the like I love. I have to give hats off to Very Exclusive as part of the enjoyment, for me at least when buying a designer bag is the shopping experience and to receive a huge box with my initials, sorry Very Exclusives initials definitely ensured I received that same feeling. The box was opened to reveal masses of tissue paper and a Very Exclusive bag which inside contained my new handbag. Clearly no corners had been cut here. 

So onto the bag itself. I chose the K Klassic Shoulder bag in Nude. Most of my bags are what I would call the 'classic' designs and if possible in a bright colour such as my red Prada Saffiano tote. I didn't own anything in such a muted colour which I thought would compliment the large proportion of black clothing I wear and work well for all seasons and the style would easily transfer from day to night.

Some of my bags are not ideal for my boozy nights as they can be heavy (I actually got what I named Prada shoulder from carrying my tote when I first purchased it) and/or left on a side. A decent shoulder bag was lacking in my collection that was big enough to house some make up items, phone and such whilst being small enough to sit on the shoulder comfortable.

The black strap is long enough to wear cross body but I find the stiff structured nature of the bag makes this a little bulky and uncomfortable. Likewise the structured layout of the bag, which is reminiscent to me of the Chanel bags, can make packing it like a game of Tetris and requires some careful editing. 

To really make this the perfect day to night bag you can even remove the black strap and use the rose gold chain handle (hello again Chanel homage) and use as a more delicate evening clutch. 

The question remains, do I enjoy using this bag and what are my findings now it is in my possession? Well unfortunately it's a little bit disappointing. I certainly like the bag and do use it but I find it a little bit too fiddly compared to my other bags.

I love saffiano leather and as mentioned I have a Prada tote so am familiar with it but the K Klassic bag is very sturdy. Great on one hand as it's shape remains but very difficult to manaouvere. Want to talk on the phone whilst pulling out your Oyster card to get through barriers at the station, not the easiest of tasks. Carrying a drink to your seat whilst trying to return your purse inside in the bag, not so easy. I do blame this in part to my Prada bucket bag which is the right combination of throw it all in and/or rummage around without being too big to lose whats in there and as mentioned I reserve this for days when I know I'm heading from the office to the bar.

It's also not forgiving in size. There is no manipulating the shape of this bag to get my Canon EOS M and it's hefty lense inside and if a book is on the thicker side that's not getting anywhere near it. And make up bags, forget about it. Make up is thrown strategically by size and shape to fit alongside phones and keys.

I've also had some problems with the strap unclipping. Again I noticed this at first and may have been my heavy handedness and I also find the button clasp requires diligent attention to close securely.

All this said I'm probably expecting too much from the K Klassic as I'm trying to make it work outside of it's intention. This is a structured handbag which on a weekend or for days when I know I'm heading out after work it's ideal and ultimately looks great. And you can happily ignore everything I've said and take my mum's word on it as she loves it, so much so she went out and purchased one for herself in powder blue.

Prior to this purchase I was thinking idealistically of having one in all the range of colours. I'm less inclined to do this now but I am happy to have a Karl Lagerfeld bag sitting in my collection.

Are you a designer handbag lover like me and have you ever been tempted by Karl Lagerfeld?

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  1. What a gorgeous bag! I love the pale pink and rose gold together, tempted to head over to Very Exclusive myself very soon... x

  2. It looks good to me, and as you know I'm very much a designer handbag lover.
    Have a great weekend! x

  3. I love it. Love the style, love the colour. I want!
    Brilliant review. Now, just get all your bags together and photograph please, I want to see them! x


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