Thursday, July 16, 2015

#mydubai Day 4

Our fourth day in Dubai we decided to break our days of sitting round the pool and evenings dining out   for a trip to Dubai Mall. I'd heard many stories about the shopping in Dubai so I was keen to take a look round and see what they had to offer. The girls ditched the boys round the pool early and headed for some shopping.

It's rather bizarre walking round the opulent mall which is about ten times the size of any local mall you will know and see New Look sitting beside Bath & Bodyworks. Us girls made a beeline for Victoria Secrets which wasn't as cheap as the US but as we all know, money spent on holiday doesn't count. 

Before we departed for Dubai I spotted a clutch bag from Kate Spade with flamingos on it. Somehow I managed to resist instantly purchasing and decided it would be my 'Dubai purchase'. Walking into the Dubai store (which took forever to find even with our map) I was pleased to spot it immediately. Once I get some decent photos I will put up a post on my Kate Spade clutch including this one.

Despite all the amazing options for dining in Dubai the one on my list which was a must do for me was The Cheesecake Factory. Luckily the Dubai branch is at the Dubai Mall so whilst it meant that alcohol was not on the menu and it took some convincing of everyone else saying 'I don't like cheesecake' we reserved our table.

Thankfully it was well received by everyone, especially when they saw the portion sizes going round. We started by ordering the mini sliders to share. We were all starving by this point so I didn't have an opportunity to snap a photo but these were not mini burgers as you know them. They were huge, ok maybe not huge but certainly McDonalds Happy Meal size. After gorging on them we really weren't in need of our mains, especially as we'd also been devouring sweet potato fries that had been passed on from some friends who we'd seen in the restaurant.

I of course went for my favourite Cajun Chicken Little's as standard and everyone else has a mix of burgers and pasta from the menu. Stuffed to the brim we all rolled out for a photo op at the aquarium and then made our way outside to see the fountains and take some photos of the Burj Khalifa which we were too exhausted/stuffed/hot to consider climbing to the top of.

On our way to find a taxi home we spotted an ice cream stand and Jo and I couldn't resist treating ourselves to some dessert.

Our shopping trip was a nice break from the usual routine we'd fallen into whilst holidaying in Dubai but it is really just an amazing Mall as you would expect. You could spend hours looking at everything and it's certainly good to have something in mind to avoid roaming around aimlessly. Also remember as I said, alcohol is not served in the Mall so don't expect to find any and keep those shoulders and knees covered ladies.

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  1. Can't wait to see your Kate Spade bag!

  2. Love Dubai Mall! Can't believe you missed out on the Burj Khalifa, though - it was one of the highlights of my trip!! x

    1. To be honest I'm not great with heights, I did Eiffel Tower in Vegas and didn't enjoy it!!!

  3. My friends have shopped till they have dropped there! lol Too far do not think it is in my cards to visit. Thank you for sharing your fun posts. Grace

    1. I can imagine although the US is still my favoured shopping destination. In fact mum keeps talking about us returning to the US, esp since we saw Women in Gold and want to visit the Klimt painting.


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