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Nailbox Subscription Service

Nailbox Subscription Service*
If beauty boxes have never made you want to sign up to the subscription service because you're more of a nail lover than nailbox* might be just the thing for you. Launched in April and following the usual format  of these services, every month you will receive a box of five nail items delivered directly to your chosen location. These five items will be comprised of three or four nail polishes and one or two nail tools or treatments from as little as £13.50 per month (depending on your subscription choice). 

Each box is a surprise and will contain on trend colours. You will never receive the same products twice so there should be something new for your to try each month. Also unlike other subscription services your items arrive in regular cardboard boxes to ensure that the money you pay is put towards products rather than packaging.

I received the June nailbox which contained three nail polishes from Essie, Tanya Burr and Nails Inc. Also included was blogger favourite Seche Vite Top Coat and Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers. The value of this box is approx £45 so you're certainly getting value for money. So you might have a pair of cuticle nippers at home but I'm pleased I've received a second set as I can pop a pair into my make up bag in the office, something I've been meaning to do for some time. 

If were to express concern it might be that for example April's box contained a nail file and I'm loyal to my Leighton Denny crystal file so this might remain unused. That said the April nailbox contained four nail polishes so still proved value for money - and who doesn't need a spare nail file?

Back to the contents of this months nailbox  and I'm very keen to try the nail polish from Tanya Burr as this will be my first opportunity too try something from the range and whilst I've not been overawed by Seche Vite in the past I will be more than happy to give it another chance. Sometimes the beauty of these services is your pushed out of your comfort zone to try something new or give a product another chance. The orange might not necessarily be a colour I would choose for myself but I can't deny it's perfect for the time of year.

Unfortunately this is a UK only service but if you're keen to sign up I think it's well worth it. July's nailbox has the theme 'Tropical Treats' so I can't wait to see what is delivered to my door.

Furthermore if you are a subscriber to nailbox you are entitled 15% off every order at   

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  1. Love the look of the essie orange and the nails inc! Essie is definitely my fave nail varnish brand. This looks like a really good box for nail lovers like me and such a good price for whats included :) x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

    1. I must admit I've limited knowledge of Essie so looking forward to trying another something new from the brand. x

  2. Ooooh I would totally subscribe to this! Love the orange!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Ooh that Essie shade looks stunning! xx

    1. I'm looking forward to trying Essie, it's the nail brand I'm most unfamiliar with x

  4. This is great - my Mum would love it. She only has 100+ nail varnishes!

    1. Ha she's have plenty more by the end of the year with this service!


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