Monday, May 18, 2015

Holiday Essentials Haul

Packing for holiday

As you read this I am no doubt lounging round the pool in Dubai. Today's post is a few beauty products that have made the trip with me both old faithfuls and new ones I'm wanting to try.

Lacura Moisutrising Sun Spray link
Around this time of year new reports will start telling us which suncreams we should and shouldn't be relying on in the heat and during some googling Lacura, the range from ALDI was shown to pass all the necessary tests. With the strong Dubai sun to protect myself from and mum's love of ALDI I asked her to pick up a bottle for me to try. Most important for me was it being a spray lotion as that is my preference. I'll report back on how I found it when I return.

Naturtint  Nutrideep Multiplier* link
My hair is in pretty good shape these days so I was already considering looking for some sun protection whilst away. When I was offered the opportunity to try Naturtint Nutrideep Mutiplier I jumped at the chance. A protective conditioner that you simply use in place of your usual conditioner it guards against external hair damage and provides natural UV protection. It also says it'll increase hair volume, strength and shine so I'll be reporting back on that.

Hairbands link
Whilst I'm having a bit of a scrunchie phase and have brought one or two along on holiday I cannot resist buying a pack of hairbands from Primark. £1.50 for such a large number and they've already came in handy when one of the girls exclaimed 'I've forgotten hairbands', Victoria to the rescue, I have one or two to share. Usually I'd go for the typical black but this time I went a little bit jazzy and chose the brights, far more keeping for a holiday don't you think.

Garnier Micellar Water link
It was a no brainer when I saw this cute travel sized bottle of my favourite micellar water from Garnier for sale. Straight into my shopping basket it went. Prior to spotting this I was intending to decant my regular bottle into a smaller one but for just over a pound it was worth having the job done for me. I'll be also having a look whether I can refill this bottle once finished because if so that will be extremely handy. I also picked up the Micellar Wipes from Garnier to try as I'll be honest with myself, there will be some nights removing make up with wipes will be impressive enough.

Sure Maximum Protection* link
It was a no brainer that Sure Maximum Protection would be accompanying me on holiday. The only deodorant I can rely on and with warnings of heat in the 40s this is a must have.

Earrings, Forever 21 link
Regular readers will not be surprised that I will use the search terms 'flamingo' and 'pineapple' on websites to see what products I might find of interest and when I saw this set of three earrings on Forever 21 containing both loves and for only £3 I was rushing to a store to hunt them down. These earrings will be the perfect accompaniment to my bikinis, yes featuring pineapples and flamingo's on them!

Manuka Doctor ApiRefine CC Cream with SPF 20* link
Airbrushing in a tube - that works for me. Manuka Doctor's ApiRefine CC Cream is a favourite of Caroline Flacks and may well become a favourite of mine. Of course I am using a higher SPF on my face by day but there's nothing wrong with adding this colour correcting formula on top. Brightening, smoothing and evening the appearance of wrinkles so I can look less weathered round the pool sounds good to me. Purified Bee Venom and Manuka Honey help to firm and lift the skin so you could say I'm doing a face workout whilst laying in the sun.

So there you have a few of my holiday essentials for my trip, what are yours?

*PR Samples 
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  1. I'm so bad and take make up wipes when I travel because they are so much easier then a huge bottle :P I didn't know that Garnier did the micellar water in wipes... I most definitely will be checking them out :D

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. I can't deny that 2 days in and the wipes have been used more than the bottle so far! ;o)

  2. Great haul! I'm always looking for great products to use while I'm on vacation. Those earrings are adorable, perfect for the sun!

    Brooke | brookewrote

  3. Look forward to your Aldi sun cream review - I'm always tempted to go for expensive stuff, but the reviews in papers always seem to go for the cheaper brands for quality like Malibu etc..

    1. So far so good but will pop something up when I'm back xx


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