Friday, May 15, 2015

Hair Removal Fail

If you read this post you will know that I recently discover epilating and it rather changed my life where  facial hair is concerned. As such I was keen to discover other variations of hair removal for the larger areas of my life.

I have never waxed or epilated my body, always far too scared and happy enough with shaving. When I say happy enough, it's a means to an end - does anyone enjoy this chore, especially the dark haired amongst us. 

Firstly I started the Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator* - tentatively. I hated it, hid back in the box and pretended it didn't exist. A few weeks later I braved things again. How bad could it be? Unfortunately pretty bad which I only blame myself for and certainly not the product.

I am officially a wuss. Who know that epilating my upper lip would be less painful than the leg, certainly not me. I only tried a small area of my leg but it was just far too painful and I found that, in part due to my hesitation, the area would be come red and sore. 

With the facial epilator I am pretty happy to go all in, moving the handle around quickly and efficiently but it was just too damn painful on my legs. And people who do their bikini lines with these things, you deserve a medal.

If you have a high pain threshold I say go for it but it's a no from me.

As I've already mentioned I've only every waxed eyebrows and lips, never the body and but I was happy to give Nair Argan Oil Body Wax* with it's 'bye bye pain' formula a try. In your box you'll receive a tub of was, orange sticks and some post waxing wipes. Nothing too dissimilar to I've seen used in salons in the past.

Considering I was planning to tackle hot wax on my leg hair for the first time I was rather brave and excited to try this. Was this the wonder product I had hoped for? 

My first problem was that you're too heat the wax in the microwave. This took some trial and error to ensure that the product was 'melted' through and then you have to leave to cool slightly. Now this was where my problems came in. My microwave is obviously in my kitchen. Did I want to walk through my flat into the bathroom with a tub of hot wax? Not really so instead I decided my kitchen would be the place for the experiment so up my leg went on the oven and I spread some wax onto a small area. 

Still there was no fear, in fact I was even laughing to myself that if someone looked in my kitchen window they would wonder what this crazy girl was up to. Whilst noting never to eat anything that came out of her kitchen. 

The wax dried quickly and unlike other wax kit in with the Nair Argan Oil Body Wax you use the wax itself to for want of a better expression, rip the hairs out. I found it really easy to gently rub an end of the wax to get a handle on it and then that's where I froze. Rather than rip it quickly I pretty much rolled it back. The good thing I can report is that it didn't hurt but unfortunately nor did it remove any hair. 

Again as you can tell we have another fail on our hands due to my lack of bravery. On the other hand compared to the epilator which was just pain personified the wax wasn't really painful at all, even if I wasn't following instructions correctly. If I were to live with a willing flatmate or other half then I would definitely pursue using this product but as it is, this girl is leaving the waxing to the professionals. 

So there you have it. My names Victoria and I'm a hair removal wuss. And you, are you braver than I am and can whip of wax stripes or get handy with an epilator without so much of a whimper? Let me know.

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  1. I'm Ali and I'm a wuss too!! I only shave - but will pluck up the courage to get a professional leg/bikini wax before a holiday - however I do have two paracetamol or ibuprofen 20 mins before I go - lol, it still hurts!! but after about 5 mins my legs seem to go numb and doesnt seem to hurt so much.

  2. Big wuss here too! Shaving is what I'm happy with and will stick with. The mental image I have of you in your kitchen has me chuckling away lol!v x

  3. A friend sent me this hilarious waxing joke - you can't not laugh out loud!

  4. I've tried epilating and hated it. Not the pain so much, but the bloody ingrowing hairs afterwards - hundreds of the buggers! It wasn't for me.

    1. I didn't even get far enough to experience ingrowing hairs!!

  5. I'm happy to get my legs waxed. I bought the Brown epilator but can't use it - the pain is too much for me to bear haha! Hope you're having fun in Dubai!

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