Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Barry M Spring Shades

Barry M Gelly Nails link

There was much discussion between my friend and I last week as we debated whether I would have my gel nails applied before my holiday. Yes I know oh to have 'my problems'.

Firstly my nails are in pretty good shape at the moment thanks to a new nail strengthener I'm using along with the eyeCandy top coat and to have gel nails applied will weaken them and undo all my good work.

Secondly my trip is nine days in some pretty intense heat and will the gel last? I get between one and two weeks out of gel nails depending on whether they're Biosculpture or Gelish and how well I look after them in that time.

Thirdly what one colour could I commit to for the full week? The biggest worry of all!

So you can see what a dilemma I had on my hands. As my friend and I discussed the pro's and cons she finally out with what made the decision easier. When she had visited Dubai the heat had left to them lifting earlier than usual although she was particularly dramatic and used the term 'melting' which led me to visions of me on my sun lounger with puddles of gel nail polish around me.

As I was already conscious I may have had to go through the hassle of removing the gels towards the end of my holiday and applying nail varnish till my return home, the fear of 'melting' and finally my issues with colour commitment I decided that I would go with taking a few nail colours with me and changing at whim.

Happy with my vision of my sitting on the hotel balcony with a martini whilst I paint my nails to match one of the many outfits I've brought for the trip it also meant I could do some shopping because obviously I needed to by some appropriate shades.

My first purchase was from Barry M and the colours I chose were Rosehip and Sugar Apple. Perfect for the current season at home and I imagine will look lovely with the tan I plan on cultivating whilst away.

Whilst I like Sugar Apple and it was my favourite on purchase it's actually Rosehip that has stood out for me. I don't 'do' nude nails very well and this has the right balance of being neutral enough to go with most things but with enough punch that I feel I have a colour on my nails.

We all know how good Barry M nails so they are a perfect choice for taking on holiday as I will not worry about them chipping and application is a breeze. I'm thinking this might be the colour I start with for my trip but having picked up another three nail colours last weekend that could be subject to change.

What would be your go to holiday colour?

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  1. Those two shades are stunning! I wish Barry M was available here :(

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. And such a shame I'd say I could send you some but we can't even send nail polish through the mail x

  2. Do tell - what is the new nail strengthener you're using?! x

    1. It's called Microcell... as I've not been using it properly I haven't got a review up but will do so asap x


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