Monday, March 2, 2015

February 2015 Beauty Favourites

It wasn't difficult to highlight favourite products this month. Everything list below has been in regular use, relied upon and/or made a major impact on my regimes so let's dive in.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara link
I only posted about the latest Benefit release last week - read the post here - and it's become a favourite. Especially when I took it out of my make up bag and tried others in my stash and they just didn't occur. I mentioned in my review post how I had never jumped on the They're Real bandwagon (although I own it and am going to be giving it a fair crack of the whip shortly) so my expectations of this mascara were not high. I was proved wrong by a fantastic formula this curling mascara provides - especially to someone who doesn't often bother to manually curl lashes. Have you tried it yet?

Bourjois Smokey Stories Eyeshadow Quad in Good Nude* link
The Good Nude eyeshadow quad from Bourjois is something of a perpetual favourite for me. If I'm ever in doubt of what eyeshadow to wear or need to ensure I have something to rely on in my make up bag this is what I reach for. Yes above and beyond many of my high end options. The eyeshadows are wonderful pigmented, apply and blend like a dream and their lasting power is long. I have to consciously remove this quad from my make up bag to ensure others have their chance to shine as I could happily make do with this on a day to day basis. If you like to see my original post and swatches, you can do so here.

eyeCandy Gel Top Coat* link
You may have already read my rave review of the eyeCandy Gel Top Coat here but the love keeps going. Last week I wanted a specific shade of pink which I had in my old Chanel collection I had cast aside to sell (due to chipping; read about that here). I decided to give them another try using the eyeCandy top coat - was it good enough to give more life to my Chanel nail polish? Other than a nail I used when picking a label off of something all others are chip free - I cannot believe it. Whilst I wouldn't necessarily buy a Chanel nail polish in the future at least I can now use and enjoy those I already own.

007 Fragrance for Women* link
The 007 fragrance for women has now earned its place alongside my bottles of Chanel and rightly so. As I mentioned in my original post here I fully expected to turn my nose up at this affordable and 'gimmicky' scent. I was proved very wrong and am reaching for this scent above my Chanel's on a regular basis.

Braun Facial Epilator* link
The Braun epilator received a glowing review last week - read it here - and I claimed it had changed my life. Over dramatics aside I am still using with great frequency and there was major panic one night last week when the batteries ran out and I feared I had none spare. Rarely a day goes by when I do not give some area of my face a once over with this fantastic product. I know some commented they find epilation on the face too painful so I hope to have a review of an alternative coming up in the next couple of weeks - stay tuned.

A-derma Nutrialba Rich Nourishing Cream* link
In January I reviewed this cream in a post about how I'd switched to a heavier moisturiser during Winter to treat skin that was on the drier side. You can read that post here. Since then I had switched it out for other products but then I was struck by a cold and the associated sore nose from constant blowing. I reached for the A-derma cream knowing that in a matter of day any evident soreness and dry patches would have disappeared - a real saviour.

What have been your favourites the past month?

*PR Sample

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  1. Roller Lash is amazing, ive been using it everyday since i got it!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. I wish I would love the roller lash mascara as everyone else :( but unfortunately it made my lashes look very spidery and just not nice.

    Vivi x

  3. I am so glad I bought 2 roller lashes and one was suposed to be yours. lol Since you have it and it is not an exclusive I tried it and loved it and the other is going into my London packing. Grace xoox

    1. Well I'm glad to be of service haha! It's a great mascara isn't it. x

  4. I love how you've laid the products out with that notebook (?) - so cute! The eye candy gel topcoat sounds pretty amazing!

    Gem x |

    1. Aw thank you! It's a folder from Tesco and I may or may not have brought it for photo purposes! ;o) x

  5. Very impressed by the Benefit mascara - thanks for the recommendation x

  6. Really useful because I need a new mascara, I'll be buying the Benefit one - thanks!


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