Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beauty Empties | March 2015

A somewhat earlier empties post for March solely which seems appropriate because if I left it any longer I don't know how many more empties would feature in this post! Lets get straight into my beauty trash.

The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo is a favourite of mine and one you would have seen repurchased here. I will definitely repurchase this again once I've said goodbye to the other six or seven bottles of shampoo sitting in my bathroom.
I like to use Micellar Waters to remove my make up before going in for cleansing of an evening although my preference is for the Garnier one which has been repurchased. You can see the battle of these two micellar waters here
I just reviewed here the  Electric Volume Liquid Mist and it's a great product which unlike many sprays  I apply to wet hair before blow drying. For my casual day to day look it's perfect and fuss free which is ideal for the mornings when I'm getting ready for work. I would consider repurchasing if visiting the salon although with more affordable options available it would have to be for a splurge or treating myself.
There is nothing I like better than a foot rub, sadly I have to provide my own but it's made somewhat better by the delicious scent of Lotil's foot cream. If you're a fan of marzipan you will love this. You can see my earlier review here
Another product you may remember I reviewed hereI enjoyed using this oil and would definitely repurchase when a need comes. For now I have an overflowing basket of skincare to work through.

Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Facewipes
I have little to say about the Brightening Facewipes from Yes to. In fact I must stop buying face wipes as I find they make me lazy knowing they're in the drawer. I picked these up in the US when the brand was on my radar popping up on other sites.

Goya Black Rose* link
Sadly despite loving it's vintage origins the Black Rose fragrance from Goya isn't for me. You can read more about this 50s revival here

nspa Nourishing Eye and Lip Treatment link
I have had this tube of eye and lip cream floating around in my skincare basket for years. It's handy tube size has accompanied me on many a flight and I finally decided to use up so it could move on - I'm slightly dubious the length of time I've had it whether it was even serving it's purpose.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara* link
I enjoyed this mascara from a 'new to me' brand Eye of Horus who really do live their brand using Moringa Oil, a rare and precious oil found in King Tutankhamum's tomb. No paragons but plenty of Vitamins and antioxidants this is one mascara that wants to take care of your lashes.
Whist it didn't give the va va voom I'd like for evenings on first coat it was certainly perfect for day when you might find yourself heading for after work drinks another layer builds up nicely. I have some photos of me wearing which I'll pop on Instagram.

YSL Volume Enhancing Mascara link
Another product that has been in my collection for some time and no surprises has dried out as I sample other mascara's. This mascara was my holy grail 'back in the day' and was repurchased often. I don't really need to replace although I may treat myself at Duty Free in May!

MAC Wonder Woman Blusher in Amazon Princess  link
This blush has been in my collection since 2011 when the Wonder Woman collection was released by Mac. I actually had quite a lot from the line when it was released although all that remains were this blush and two lipsticks. Unfortunately despite only rediscovering the blush in my collection early last year I subsequently dropped and shattered the blush to pieces. Gutted isn't the word. Now I'm in two minds as to whether to keep the compact for memories sake. I believe I have some photos of the blush in it's pink glory which again I'll post on Instagram. Do you remember this collection?

Maybelline Baby Lips, Peach Kiss link
I want to do a celebratory dance that I have finished a lip balm - I think this might be one of the few times this has happened! I originally posted on my Baby Lips purchase in this post and whilst I wasn't wowed it held a worthy place in my lip balm collection (which is massive might I add and there is a post forthcoming)

What have you been using up this month?

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  1. I use John Frieda shampoos, I love them!

    This month I've been using Roller Lash Mascara, as you know already!

  2. I have been using up my moisturisers from Nuxe this month. I love the Trilogy Rosehip oil as well, such a great one. I am currently using argan oil instead as the weather is not that cold and doesn't dry out my skin that much with the Spring coming. I only use makeup wipes when at the gym, I love the ones from Ole Heriksen. They smell like oranges.

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  3. You've done some good using up this month, Victoria! Which reminds me, I must film an empties, as I have a big basket of them sitting in my bathroom! Where are you off to in May - I didn't miss that mention of Duty Free?!! x

    1. I'm doing really well using up what I have, discarding what I do and don't like at the moment! I was just becoming a glutten for buying products I didn't really need! I'm off to Dubai - cannot wait! x


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