Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Electric Hair Products Review

Electric Hair
When I was asked if I want to try a couple of products from the Electric Hair range I jumped at the chance. It immediately brought back memories of a girlie trip to Brighton when we had booked into the Electric Hairdressing Salon in the famous Lanes to have our hair styled before a night out.

One of the most beautiful hairdressing salons in Brighton set in a double bay fronted town house on Ship Street, in the heart of the famous Lanes.

Electric Colour Protect Conditioner* link
Conditioner appears to excite a lot of bloggers but I just don't really get it... until recently. I was fairly indifferent to seeing conditioner thinking I'd just throw this into my rotation pile and see whether I did or didn't like it.

Firstly I enjoy using it. I find shampoo and conditioners can be hit or miss with me and/or leave the hair a greasy mess but I'm pleased to say this wasn't the case and I found that my hair looked pretty damn good afterward.

The bottle I received is for colour treated hair and at the moment I'm channeling my inner Kate Middleton and letting my grey's roam free so I can't speak to it's ability to ensure hair stays in tip top condition. I can tell you that it contains sunflower seed oil and wheat proteins which encapsulates the colour and lustre of your hair whilst deliverying antioxidant protection.

Electric Volume Liquid Mist* link
The Electric Volume Liquid Mist I was excited to use as most of those I've used are of the spray variety rather than 'liquid' (ie Bumble & Bumble Dryspin Finish). Next I wish I'd had the foresight to decant this into my Edinburgh travel bag back in January when I was panicking I couldn't take any hair products with me due to size.

The Volume Liquid Mist works as you would imagine to create volume and is different from other volumising products I've used in the past due to it's liquid form. Obviously it's psychological that volumising products need to be of that dry, powder is the wrong word but only one I can think of to describe. Basically products that are in an aerosole rather than a spray.

I spray this onto my hair after washing and then blowdry as normal and then I'm good to go. Often I can be known to reach for numerous products to puff and primp my hair but this makes the process simple for daily use when I don't have the desire to put in effort but still want to have a good hair day. I spray this across my wet hair and then blow dry as normal. It doesn't weigh down the hair at all and it's almost like I'm fooled into thinking my hair is naturally so voluminous than giving the credit to the Volume Liquid Mist.

It can also be used to refresh hair on non-shampoo hair days although I've not tried that for myself yet as I tend to wash my hair daily.

The advanced amplifying formula delivers lasting volume, leaving no hint of residue whilst weightless conditioners detangle the hair to prevent breakage infusing fine hair with ultimate volume and brilliant shine.

I'm off to Brighton for my birthday next month so I might pop along to the salon and see what other goodies I can pick up.

Have you heard of Electric Hair Salons or products before?

*PR Sample

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  1. Not heard of this brand/salon before. Dont think you can get it up here. Ooh enjoy Brighton xxx

    1. Thank you... plenty of time before I go tho and I will of course be sharing it on the blog!

  2. Sounds like a great range! I just purchased my first Kerastase mask and am loving it, always up for trying new hair products.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty


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