Thursday, March 5, 2015

Book Review | #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

My reading habits have been a little hit and miss over the past couple of months with too much time dedicated to my iPhone during my commute. That said a few books made the list and I thought I'd share them with you.

#Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso link
I must admit I was somewhat reluctant to jump on the bandwagon seeing this book pop up on blogs and instagram accounts left right and centre. Eventually the promotion got the better of me and I tracked it down in my local library.

I enjoyed reading #Girlboss but did find it a bit top bland.. I enjoyed in it in so much as it was like a magazine article, very easy to read (and quick) when still fuzzy on early morning and something I could flick through without taking much in. That very fact makes one question it's 'inspirational' aspect although I did find it was like talking to a friend who gives you a slight kick up the bum so you get things done.

Sophia is very open about her 'bad girl' roots but equally there is a slight arrogrance about how she speaks and the advice she gives which is basic in it's nature and not really practical in today's world. There's no denying that Sophia has worked hard and built an profitable business but whether that is achievable based on on her business model (or lack there of) remains to be seen.

The Snow Angel, Lulu Taylor link
Lulu Taylor is a favourite author of mine and I have ticked off all her books. I have a preference for her more 'glamourous' novels although her last two The Snow Angel I'm speaking of today and the previous Winter Folly took a different turn and were still enjoyable and easy reads. Note right now you'll never see anything too high brow on book shelf.

The Snow Angel is a dual narrative book set in the 1960s and present and I liked that both characters, whilst on the path to discovering a connection were very different. Some might find the twists obvious and discover early on but I'm no sleuth so it wasn't until near the end I was starting to piece everything together.

One character a young debuntante in the 60s who becomes involved with a married man, the other your stereotypical yummy mummy living in her high house in London. As one would expect things are not plain sailing and soon the two lives become intertwined.

Get Rich Blogging, Zoe Griffin link
Following my read of #Girlboss another booked that popped up in recommended reading what 'Get Rich Blogging'. With the company I work for annoucing a merger the usual panic sets in and whilst my blog is a hobby I thought there was no harm in looking into the money side of things just in case!

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book at all and found it dull and not helpful at all. Ok #Girlboss was a bit bland in it's recommendations there was a sense of 'get up and get it' whereas Get Rich Blogging was very textbook like and seemed a repetition of basis facts you could find with a little googling. I started skipping pages, especially when there were pages of telling you how to set up a twitter or pinterest account. Seriously if you're thinking of started a blog and need someone to tell you how to set up a Twitter account then I think you will have an uphill struggle with you. I've read more informative blog posts.

In My Shoes: A Memoir, Tamara Mellon link
Finally we have the book I am currently reading and loving. This takes the best of #Girlboss and makes it feel a more grown up read. Tamara has a similar jaded past and yes she came from a comfortable background but from the inital pages I've read put in the hard work herself. Again she had access to businessmen and socialites to aid her journey but nonetheless dealt with struggles both personal and professional.  I'll report back when I've read more.

That's the round up of what I have been reading, anything take your fancy from my list?

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