Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Products That Didn't Work for Me #4

It's another round of products that didn't work for me and as you will notice all these products fall into the peachy orange category and I think it's time for me to say where lip products are concerned this a shade that I cannot make work.

Peach on the Beach from Bourjois was a blogger favourite some time ago and it was only earlier in the Summer that I jumped on the bandwagon. Needless to say I should've stuck with my Red Sunrise from the range which is one of my go to lip products.

Again another product that was more style over substance was Babette from Lime Crime. Again all across YouTube and blogs I decided to make the purchase and whilst I love the gorgeous packaging the shade makes me look ill.

L'Oreal LExtraordinarie Liquid Lipsticks are loved by many but sadly I just did not get on with the shade Rose Symphony. I found the colour whilst pleasant enough it was the formula which let me down. It pooled around the edge of my lips and it just didn't work for me. I had hoped the colour would be a holiday favourite but it was more a cause of frustration.

I raved about the NYX Matte Lipsticks in this post but unfortunate the shade Stella from one of their regular ranges was another colour that didn't suit me at all and I found it emphasised any dryness on my lips despite not being of a matte formula and the opposite being the case with those.

Finally it's a nail polish from Maybelline's Bleached Neons collection which I reviewed in this post. As you may remember or will read I found the formula of these polishes a disappointment and could easily find a similar shade in a better range.

What have you been lately that hasn't worked for you?

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  1. peaches and I do not go well at all! lol They look pretty though. Sometimes people say that you are not used to wearing a color and it does look nice but we do not like it on ourselves. Grace xoox

  2. Such a shame you didn't get on with babette, every time I see pictures of it I think it looks gorgeous! xx

  3. Am struggling with your word verification, Victoria - are you having spam problems? x

    1. As per our convo's not sure why you're receiving word verification and no one else is?! x


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