Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Patty & Bun Liverpool Street

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When news reached me that Patty & Bun were opening a City branch in Liverpool Street I was both elated and scared for my waist line. It's not unheard of for me to stumble through Liverpool Street Station and make a pit stop at Burger King following after work drinks and with no disrepect intended to Burger King, Patty & Bun is far superior and harder to resist.

That said despite being open for sometime my first visit to the branch located outside the station was on my way home from a blog event last week. It's a small site with a few tables that are often occupied but they have a handy takeaway window and knowing what a beast Patty & Bun burgers can be I decided to take mine home and enjoy it in privacy.

Once again I went for the Smokey Robinson accompanied by rosemary fries and how I managed to journey home on the train with my brown paper bag of goodness without sneaking a bite is surely worthy of a medal of some description?

On arrival home I dived straight in enjoying the cardboard tray to display them on. Obviously travel time meant that my meal wasn't piping hot but this didn't stop any enjoyment. The familar moist burger was a messy dream, Patty & Bun burgers still hit the top spot for me.

The Smokey Robinson is filled with all my favourites, cheese, caramelised onions, bacon and served on a brioche bun - anyone else struggle to enjoy a burger not accompanied by brioche bun these days?

As you can see from the lipstick remnants on my thumb eating a Patty & Bun burger is a messy affair but they have your back and supply a wet wipe to clean up all your mess

You can find Patty & Bun at 22 - 23 Liverpool Street and I'd highly recommend a visit although there's some competition on it's way as I hear Honest Burgers is coming to the City next month.

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  1. That looks astonishing! I need to visit... :)


    1. HAHA every time I see it I think oh maybe I should just pop round the corner and treat myself!

  3. This has made me soooo hungry! I love Patty and Bun but have only been to their branch on James Street. Definitely one of my fave burger places. :) x

    Beauty In My Mind - Beauty Blog UK

  4. oh my goodnes this looks so wonderful I am eating salad and just wanted to jump through the screen and eat that lol Grace


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