Friday, October 17, 2014

BD Trade Secrets & that famous face lift cream

BD Trade Secrets Face Lift coming soon
The beauty press are currently abuzz with the relaunch of BD, the make up brand stocked in Tesco stores. The brand re-named 'BD Trade Secrets' will launch later this month with new formulations and products in Tesco Supermarkets. 

As soon as I saw my Twitter feed filling up with the news I was instantly transported back a few years to what was a favourite product of mine, The Barbara Daly Face Lift cream. Now Barbara Daly is no longer with the brand but the product list still shows the cream to be part of the relaunch and I can't deny this has got me rather excited.

I actually featured a review of the Face Lift cream in 2009 on my old blog following a recommendation from another blogger about how good it was and she was not alone as it was quite a cult product back then. It was actually a product I repurchased often and always had a stash on as I feared it would run out.

Regular readers will know I tend to stick to lighter bases by day such as the Erborian BB Cream and you might say that the face lift cream was of a similar vein and was my chosen base so I'm excited to get hold of the new formula when it hits stores. 

Reading through my old post it would seem I also rated the BD mascara, unable to tell the difference between that and my favoured YSL version. I even had early #bblogger signs as I wore one on each eye to test and couldn't tell the difference!

Prices will range from £2.99 for an eye pencil to £9.99 for the foundation so all pretty comparable to the usual drugstore prices and everyone knows, make up you can throw in the trolley with your weekly shop doesn't count.

Does anyone else remember this range and like me is looking forward to getting their hands on some of the new products?

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  1. I would like to try some of their products!

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