Monday, October 20, 2014

Bishopsgate Market

The Roadery link
The Bell & Brisket link
Spit & Roast link
The Grilling Greek link
Luardos link
The Coffee Traveller link
Yu Kyu link
Crosstown Doughnut link
Crosstown Doughnut link
Crosstown Doughnut link
I often wonder how I ever managed without Twitter. Half of the the events, products and even friends I've attended, discovered or met have been via Twitter and last week I made a food discovery, Bishopsgate Market. How did I not realise that mere minutes from my office and nestled amongst Starbucks and Pret a Manger was a haven of food trucks ready to serve up a tasty treat.

Luckily despite it having escaped me through Summer it was now moved to a Friday slot during October so I took myself for a stroll last Friday to see what was on offer. 

The market kicks off at 1145am and I anticipated it being rather busy so headed down for about 1230pm and was surprised to see things weren't as manic as I expected. Due to the variety of food available and the simple menus turnaround was swift and plenty of seating was to be found as long as you don't mind climbing in amongst other groups of people.

It's a perfect spot to break up the monotony of the usual lunch fair and I was truly spoilt for choice, pork from The Roadery, chicken and pitta from the Grilling Greek or a favourite of my chicken katsu curry from Yu Kyu. I finally decided upon buttermilk chicken with coleslaw and spicy sauce in the perfect brioche bap from Spit & Roast as it was a combo I'd been craving for some time and it did not disappoint.

Buttermilk Chicken link
Vanilla Glaze & Chocolate Ganache Doughnuts link
I was tempted in the spirit of blog research of course to try a few other delights but instead I went to Crosstown Doughnuts and picked up some treats to share with my colleagues. I kept things simple and went for Vanilla Glazed and Chocolate Ganache which one friend described as 'fairies dancing in my mouth' after a taste. 

Having raved about Bishopsgate Market to my colleagues and with payday on the horizon this week I think it's time for a work outing. If you fancy visiting yourself (and I'd highly recommend it) you can find Bishopsgate Market on the corner of Camomille and Gracechurch Streets.

Bishopsgate Market link
Only two more Friday's left in October for me to enjoy this lunchtime treat, what will I try on my next visit?

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  1. That looks a great place to visit!! yummmm

  2. Oh gosh, this place looks so delicious! I think I've heard of it before through friends. I may have to visit very soon!!!!

    Peach Pow XO

  3. I love street food, those doughnuts look amazing! So funny that it was so close, yet you didn't know it was there - clearly a maginificent discovery xxx

  4. Looks fabulous, and as for the doughnuts!

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