Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favourites

June Empties, Mac Osbournes, Duchess Eyeshadow Palette, Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, Laura Mercier

Well it looks like my posting schedule went awry towards the end of last week due to exploits with family and friends although hopefully normal service should resume. That said I have a rather busy Summer ahead to please bear with me should things become a little sporadic. 

Enough with the excuses, let's talk favourites….

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Hand Crème link
You all know I love a good hand cream and go through the stuff with abandon and one I had my eye on was from Laura Mercier. This was a slightly extravagant purchase priced at £13 for a small tube but it was one I wanted to have and why not treat yourself occasionally (or too frequently in my case!)

I initially asked for Almond Coconut but in the time it took for the sales assistant to find a tube for me the scent had settled on my hands and I wasn’t a fan so tried Ambre Vanille and we had a hit on hands, pun intended. The scent of Ambre Vanille is amazing and heavily perfumed in such a good way. Colleagues at work frequently tell me I smell nice when I’ve applied this and are shocked when I tell them it’s ‘just a hand cream’. The hand cream formula works well, non-greasy, absorbs into the skin whilst nourishing. I’m dreadful at describing scents so I will leave the description to Laura Mercier herself “Ambre Vanillé is a modern fragrance of comfortable sensuality. The quiet sensuality of Amber blends with the warmth of Vanilla, and are enhanced with fresh notes of Tangerine and Tiger Orchid, delicious notes of Almond and Brown Sugar and a final hint of musky Sandalwood for a finish that is soft, intimate and absolutely addictive”.

Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo link
A few of my nights out recently have involved visits from the hairdresser, lot's of product and lots of backcombing so Bumble & Bumble's shampoo has been great for providing the deep clean needed  to get rid of any nasties still residing in my hair (hmmm that doesn't sound too pleasant a thought does it!). I enjoy my Sunday evening pamper routine before the week ahead and the aptly named Sunday Shampoo is the perfect addition.

Mac Osbournes Duchess Palette and Peaches and Cream Blush
Since purchasing the Duchess eyeshadow palette and blush from Sharon Osbournes Mac collection it has become a regular staple in my make up bag and I've had to consciously remove it so other items in my make up drawer don't become offended! The eyeshadow palette is easy for date to night and the blush adds the right flush of colour to the cheeks for the warm summer evenings we've been experience. You can read more and see swatches in this post.

What have been your favourites this month?

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  1. The Laura Mercier hand cream sounds gorgeous, I love vanilla scents! The MAC quad looks lovely, too :)

    Jess xo

  2. I have a small tube of the Ambre Vanilla body lotion, and it's seriously incredible! I so want this handcream now xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. That blush looks like the perfect natural color! I am lusting over the whole Osbourne collection!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  4. Mmmm, love the sound of the handcream, and the colours in the eye palette. Just recorded my June favourites, up soon x

    1. Can't wait to see it... I keep thinking about busting out the camera but not so sure! x

  5. Lovely post, i enjoyed reading this :)
    xprincessjas | ♥


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