Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trevor Sorbie Self-Grip Rollers

Last Saturday was one of those days where despite having plans to go out that evening and ambitions for a major getting ready session I did not stop running around all day and ended up having to get ready whilst my friend sat on my sofa drinking martinis.

My hair had held up to my day of chores quite well but needed a little boost for the evenings activities so whilst my bath was running I decided to turn to my Trevor Sorbie rollers for that added volume. These rollers were brought on one of my whims months ago but it's only recently I've been attempting to use them and so far despite my dreadful 'rolling skills' they do give the volume I often search for.

Firstly I sprayed some of VO5's Plump Me Up Dry Shampoo* to my roots and then I (badly!) section my hair and added the rollers. At this stage I'm just getting used to putting the rollers in myself, grabbing whichever roller comes to hand (favouring the larger) but next lessons will be adding the the rollers in a more sensible fashion as taught at a recent Trevor Sorbie launch. Their advice, sit in front of Eastenders on a Sunday and practice, practice, practice!

I then go about my business, jump in the bath, apply my make up leaving my hair to the minute I leave the house. I find that minimum time I can leave the rollers in for any results is one hour but obviously the longer the better.

My heavy handedness and the self-grip of the rollers does lead to some tugging as I remove them and then I add a spritz to each section of VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray and backcomb a little and away I go.

My technique is by no means failsafe but it saves time during the course of getting ready and saves over washing my hair which can often lead to it looking greasy than if I left it in its original state. On this occasion my hair had the extra bounce I needed for a relaxed dinner with friends.

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