Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barry M Confetti Nails - Sour Apple

This is a somewhat cheeky review of the Barry M Confetti Nails paint as you will see from the photo it was taken in store at my local branch of Superdrug. Whilst having my nails tended to at Nails Inc a few days earlier (see post here) I spent most of the time admiring their feather nails range with curiousity as to what they were. Waiting for a friend to ironically finish having a manicure a few days later I decided to have a nose next door at what Barry M had to offer and when I spotted this Confetti paint I couldn't resist popping some on my thumb nail. Teamed with Nails Inc Shoreditch it did make me smile and think of it as cupcake sprinkles if not a little too young for me.

Obviously I have no comparison with the Nails Inc feather range but in the bottle they look pretty similar! All I can tell you with any certainty is that this was a pain to remove - thank god I only applied to 2 nails - or maybe that was punishment for my cheekiness!

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  1. Love it over the pink! Not something I would've pair together either but love the finish :)


  2. ah, that's something I wondered about with this kind of varnish. I like how it looks, it's fun (but I am way too old), but I wondered if it would be a pain to remove.

    Now I know!


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