Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lush Toothy Tabs Review

During my instagram phase there was one brand that kept popping up in my feed, LUSH. I've never shopped in Lush as there's something about their stores I'm not sure of but never one to shy away from blogger pressure I decided to pop in and see what was on offer.

I found myself completely overwhelmed and didn't have a clue where to begin once I'd picked up the obvious choice of Popcorn Lipscrub, then I spotted Toothy Tabs. Currently in a battle with my tube of toothpaste that kept drying out so I could barely squeeze any on to my toothbrush I thought these could be the answer.

I love the ideas of these for travel but I'm not sure they're ideal for the everyday use of a smoker and I could never decide every time I popped one into my mouth whether the taste was ok or was going to make me gag, although I think that was a personal dislike of the flavour rather than a reflection of their taste. 

You pop one of these tabs into your mouth, crumble between your front teeth and then take your brush as it foams in your mouth. As I say for travel these would be the best idea, I don't know about you but I always seem to throw away a tube of toothpaste that has only been half used no matter whether it's travel size or not, these you could pop the exact number you need and how handy are these for the desk draw to freshen up before a night out. Next time I'm passing Lush I'll definitely be trying their other flavours.

Have you tried these Toothy Tabs before? 

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  1. I've never tried these, I'm just worried they'll taste horrible! You should defo try the popcorn lip scrub! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

  2. Never tried 'em. Not sure I want to! Are they not a bit chalky, or grainy?

    That said, you are spot on. For travelling, they are ideal.

  3. No idea these existed and i travel loads - pretty genius for travel so will have to check out. Thx


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