Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

Today was my birthday... well not really but today was my birthday day out with my brother & SIL to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. We were all very excited calling this our warm up trip to Florida planned for October and it did not disappoint!

We arrived in good time and our first impressions were good ones, the staff are amazing and enthusiastic and everything is very well organised. Quite often coming from the spectacles of the American theme parks the UK can often let themselves done but clearly the Warner Bros influence is evident

We were able to walk around the exhibits comfortably and easily take photos from Harry's The Cupboard Under the Stairs

to costumes worn in the films

The sets are staged and it really is like stepping into the films

Breakfast at the Weasley's anyone?

There was a chance to try a glass of Butterbeer which got the thumbs up from my SIL

There was a ride on the Knight bus

but most spectacular has to be the Hogwarts model

All in all a great day out, thank you to my brother and SIL for taking me along and if you get a chance to go along - DO! You can see more of my photos here 

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  1. You are a lucky Momma......how cool was this!

  2. My kids were talking about this yesterday. I say kids... 19 and 15 year old girls! Perhaps we will go for a day out. They want to go back to Florida for the Harry Potter World thing too. Might have to save up for that one though! Glad you had a good birthday day out, looks like much fun.

  3. OHMIGOSH! That looks like SO much fun!!! The cupboard under the stairs would definitely be a highlight for me :) Thanks for sharing... and Happy Birthday!!

  4. I would love to go, it's looks fantastic!! Happy birthday for when ever :) xxx

  5. This place looks amazing!! And I love your t-shirt!!! :D

  6. happy birthday! looks sooo fun..good for you!!

  7. Happy Happy Happy Birthday xxx
    Today is mine xxx

  8. It's nice to do something special on your birthday isn't it, happy birthday, Lucey x

  9. Wow, looks like such a fab day out, I've heard a lot of hype around this tour, it's good to hear that it lives up to it xxx

  10. Looks like a fun day was had by all...
    Callie x

  11. Do you know I have never seen any of the movies all the way through. The other 3 love them and I'm sure they'll want to do this tour at some point. Glad it lived up to expectations.
    Lisa x

  12. OMG my Daughter will be so jealous when I show her your pix! How cool!

    Sandy xox


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