Friday, June 1, 2012

Nothing Better Than a Wedding!

Yesterday my family and I celebrated the wedding of my cousin Laura

Here she is with her new husband Adam

The wedding took place at Great Hallingbury Manor and was perfect - cannot recommend the venue enough
The food was fabulous, the staff attentive and lovely rooms (you can actually see mine in the accommodation section - the orange bedding) which were large and spacious, perfect for when all the women were getting ready together

Here are some more photos from the day

So after a fantastic evening I spent today laying on the sofa snoozing ready for the long weekend ahead!

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  1. agreed. I love a good wedding!
    bride looks fabulous, as does your good self. Am loving that frock!


    p.s any time you want to come round and rootle in my wardrobe, feel free! I don't mind at all xx

  2. Luv weddings too. Beautiful couple and I love your dress. Fun pictures. Everyone looks "pretty"! Grace xoox

  3. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness.
    Your dress was very pretty, very summery indeed.
    Lisa x

  4. Looks like a beautiful wedding and your dress is totally fabulous! Scarlett x

  5. You looked amazing......along with your date??

  6. You look all summery! Looks like a lovely wedding.

  7. ahhh lovely :) you look beautiful as always :) loving the dress too! can't get enough of weddings at the minute :D xx

  8. Love the fantastic dress you wore!

  9. Looks like a really lovely day - and your dress is gorgeous, x

  10. What a gorgeous dress, the bride's was nice aswell, Lucey xx

  11. Aww! Lovely pictures of you and your family :)


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