Thursday, June 21, 2012

Have You Seen This Wizard?

My brother read my Harry Potter tour post and immediately asked "why wasn't I on your blog?" as he is very proud of his "one shot Rob" photo from the day!

My SIL & I had to admit he did look good although he wasn't as complimentary when I sent him this photo of me having some football fun at my friends Tuesday evening!

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  1. Hahaha I love your picture! Cute fun. Grace xoox

  2. Harry potter looks lots of fun... I must book to go as I love Harry... Looks like you had fun watching the football... I'm guessing you are at Bens?...

  3. Your both so photogenic......too funny!

  4. haha... great photo of you! Your brother looks like a movie star!!! xx

  5. Tehehehe, looks like you were a tad pleased with the footie result!
    And that handsome wizard can wave his magic wand at me any time! Oh good grief, did I really say that?

  6. oh wow!! LOVE your 'enthusiastic' photo!!!

    BH x

  7. Great photos, I always say I'm going to do this- paint my face red and white xxx


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