Thursday, July 29, 2010

Triple J

I have to admit it I'm hooked to this years Big Brother and it's mostly down to this pair

Every year I've watched the show on and off even missing last years series having lost interest in the show.

Being the last series I felt duty bound to tune in this tim around and I'm glad I did!

Obsession has got to such a point I've even signed up (and paid for!) the online live feed which is interesting as you can see how the producers easily manipulate the footage to lead the audience opinion one way or another

Have you been watching?

What do you think of this years BB romance?

I hope it isn't all an act, if it is the pair of them deserve Oscars in my opinion!
I can't wait to see what happens when they leave the house - which for John James I hope isn't tonight!

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  1. We dont have big brother in Aust anymore for some reason. The BB romances are always fun to watch :)


  2. I was watching a few bbc shows at my sisters and they were so funny I'll have to let you know which ones...I love Mad Men you have to check this show out, Don Draper is yummy!!!

  3. I just don't get BB..... watched the 1st one (all those years ago) but didn't understand it!!! x

  4. I have been watching, and I don't buy the whole romance thing. I get the impression it's more like when you have a really good mate at work, who makes the day go quicker and you really enjoy their company. You feel a bit miffed if they start being friendly with someone else, but not because you fancy them, because they're 'your' mate. I feel it's more like that than luuuurrve.
    I think that JJ is pretty needy, and Josie is manipulating that a tad. The whole debacle when he was leaving/came back, she kept saying 'don't be an idiot' and more importantly 'don't do that to me, don't make me look stupid'!!! All about her.I really liked her at first,but I don't like how she is now. I'm sure being in the BB house can drive you insane, but she's being a bit scary. When they get out, they won't be 'in love'. Funny how she decided it was time for a kiss when the other JJ came in, and he and John James hit it off and became pally. Almost as if she though 'oilll use my womanly waiiys to scupper 'is plaans'. That hasn't worked,just put a spanner in the works, hence her strops. Her behaviour over 'Keeva' (cannot spell it properly!) was pretty poor. Even when she left, and she sat out in the garden.
    (just watch me be totally wrong post BB, when they get married and have 7 children! ha ha ha!)

    Love Corrin. So want her to win, she's lovely. Who will get the boot on Fri? My loot is on Andrew!

    Yeah, I'm watching it! ;o)

  5. I have to say I haven't watched avidly so I'm not entirely sure what is going on right now but at the beginning I remember thinking 'good for her' she seed like a normal girl to me and would be nice to see her get the guy instead of a typicalstunner type!!!

  6. I loved Josie and her normal body and West Country accent until she started manipulating poor Andrew. She must know what she's doing to the poor boy.
    As to her and JJ, I think she'd like a romance but he loves her as a mate...all well and good until they're out in the real world and he gets a girlfriend. She won't be able to cope and will be a bitch to the new girl. I've been there (in all three roles) and it's just too difficult to maintain.

  7. I haven't been watching this year, I was like you, obsessed in its infancy and then when it all got a bit silly I totally lost interest.

    I've seen the odd episode here and there of this year's though.

    And I tell you what I definitely WILL be watching - the 2 weeks after this one when they have the Champion of Champions house - can't WAIT for that!

  8. I'm the same, I watched series 1-3 then got bored (think it was the point where they brought too many weirdos in) then I watched 6 or 7 (with John tickle) - I liked that year beacuse the peeps were fairly normal and now I've watched right from the start more for a sense of nostalgia that this is it! I think they've screwed up a bit this year really though because everyone seems to be leaving and they keep screwing up the dynamics of the group by adding in new people. They also need more tasks because I think a lot of the people are getting quite bored.

  9. I never watch BB, infact, I avoid it at all costs, lol :) xxx

  10. As you know am addicted to it this year, don't care if that makes me a weirdo :o)

    I love JJ and Josie, not sure if they are as genuine now though. Andrew to go tonight, simply coz he is a newbie. Would rather Mario was up though as he is seriously getting on me nerves now, acts like a spoilt bitchy child every day!!

    Corine is fab, am sure everyone thought she'd go early on due to stereotyping, just goes to show, book, cover, judge is such a true saying.

    This and eastenders is keeping me on edge of seat at the mo! Men in white coats will be round soon am sure ;o) xx

  11. I'm enjoying it too, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  12. I haven't been watching it - why are they so cool? Tis a shame I'm not in England to enjoy! xxx

  13. I'm not watching this but my daughter loves it.

    Love the request your brother made for his birthday goodies....won't be long befor he sends you his Christmas requests, giggle, giggle...hugs, Linda

  14. The first year in the total history of BB and I am just not that in to it! ????? Not sure why, my old 'mucker' ha ha!!! See, I have watched some, i'm just not hooked. x

  15. I don't watch it, but I did watch the celebrity one once, the one with Leo Sayer looking like a brat ( I think!) Susie xxx

  16. Oh I love it too!!! Especially this 'Ignore the obvious task' Genius!....but don't tell anyone! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  17. I have also been watching BB. Not watched it for years since the one with Brian Dowling, liked that year, but other years were just horrible contestants! I like this year the people are normal..just fun to watch and I did enjoy watching Ben, so funny. Although hes gone now, I also like watching these two..although I am not sure John James actually does like Josie that way..Great TV though...

  18. Hiya, Victoria!
    I'm such a BB fan and I'm loving Josie and John James; they are so funny together! So much so I really would like to see more of them on TV when BB is over. John James dresses like my husband (I swear they have the same wardrobe!) so maybe I'm a little biased; they are so alike (apart from the hair colour) it's scary!
    Hope you and yours are well. Xx

  19. oh, it's gone off the boil for me, was into it before I went away for a fortnight, and with having no TV while away, thats an awful long time to miss in BB speak so missed loads and not got back into it! humph...!
    Thanks too for your message, much appreciated!
    BH x

  20. Hello from Texas! I'm watching BB in the states & LOVE it! It's my high point of the year (tv-wise!). I just started getting the live feeds here about 2 weeks ago. It's also on tv on the Showtime channel from 11pm - 2am (in my time zone). I've been tickled to pieces in recent years just to get the Showtime footage and to read the online updates. And while we're not watching exactly the same show, I think we're still BB sisters somehow! Great to meet another fan!
    Leslie Anne

  21. Im the same as you I havent bothered watching it for a while but this year being the last one I watched from the beginning, John James is starting to bug me I wish he'd just make his mind up! Do you know Dave is really starting to grow on me, at first i thought who is this nutter but now he is quite funny, he can always take a joke and he does stick up for people,do you think the same or is it my weird pregnancy hormones? ben made me laugh too! fliss xx

  22. lol BB still exists? it went way down here in Australia, nobody ended up watching it any more. I watched the first season but after that, it was all blah with people who just played for the cameras and wanted their 15 minutes of fame. the romances were good in the first season though, it wasn't put on and fake like they got to be by the last season here

  23. Thank you for you kind comment on my blog. Really do appreciate it. Susie xxx


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