Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Weekend

My weekend started Saturday by bumping into a friend and deciding to catch up over some breakfast in the local Wimpy

I haven't been in a Wimpy for years!

Back home I gave my hall doors another coat of paint and then started playing with my latest purchase from Lakeland

Just what I need to organise my growing spice collection

Sunday was spent doing more jobs round the house (further painting of the hall was put off till next weekend!) namely tidying my spare room so that I can actually get into it!

It was nice to open the window and have some air circulating

 Still not a functioning craft room yet but it's getting there!

I do love a weekend pottering around at home and crossing so much off my to do list

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  1. I didn't realise Wimpy still existed, I used to love going there as a kid. It was a real treat unlike today when the kids take it for granted going to Mc Donalds.
    God, I sound old lol.

    B xxx

  2. Well I definately dont know what Wimpy is im from the states but it sounded like you had an enjoyable time.

    I just smiled when you said I opened my windows to get in some fresh air,lol.I havent done that for over a month, its sooooooo hot here in the states.I cant wait for a chill to open mine,lol.

    Happy new week ahead!

  3. I've never been to a Wimpy!
    Gav talks about going there as a child/teen & there special sauce whatever that is!!!
    Love your spare room looks like mine, full of stuff!!
    Have a great week.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. Puttering is good...your cupboard looks wonderful,don't you just love a place for everything and everything in it's place...hugs, Linda

  5. Oh my gosh how organized do your cupboards look, I love that tiered piece you found!!

    My BIL was just saying the exact thing about Fla -- they're just back from Disney where he said they would run for cover at about 4pm everyday!!

  6. I didn't know Wimpy still existed that cup :) I used to meet my scooter club in the Exeter one.
    You craft room looks at bit like my house! I'm sure knowing you it'll be tidy in no time....unlike mine!! :) x

  7. What a well organised cupboard you have. You should see the state of my spare room, there's a big chest of drawers, an armoire, a rocking horse, tumble dryer, about 10 big boxes still to unpack....I must make a start on it soon!!! Lucey xx

  8. I didn't know there were still Wimpeys either! I love pottering too, and it certainly is a good feeling to cross off things off our lists! Love the flowery storage boxes! Suie xxx

  9. Wimpy? I didn't realise they were still around. Bill often reminises about the eggs from there!!! I'll have to tell him there are still Wimpys about.

    Your craft room is taking shape nicely :O)

    Love your spices. I am currently addicted to the new Schwartz ones, for addind 'a dash of'. I've got two thus far, and they are fab for adding to roast spuds or chicken. I coat chicken in olive oil and this spice thing (can't remember the one I got on Saturday, but it was really nice), then bake. Perfect for fab sarnies. And on special offer price in Sainbury's at the moment.

    Right. Got to go. Out and about today.


  10. ..mmh.a little lady told me about frequent changes in your new home ;-) ..what about a pink&black bedroom?! xxx

  11. Love the neat cupboards. We could do with some of those Lakeland gizmos here at Vista del Nada. I used to love going to Wimpy in my teens, I felt so sophisticated asking for the bill!

  12. Sounds like you had a productive weekend,Victoria. Funnily enough, I was only discussing with a friend of mine the other day whether Wimpy still exists - you've answered that for me, thank you!

  13. But where's the bed for when I come to stay? ha ha. All's looking good there chick? X

  14. ooh Wimpey, haven't been to one of those in years. loving the spice collection!... glad to see you settling in to the flat and that it's becoming 'yours'!.. hugs Tx

  15. i thought wimpy had closed down-wow you learn something new everyday!

  16. Looks like you got a lot done. I love the polka dot binders, so cute!

  17. All those neat rows, makes me smile and wish for them myself!
    Lisa x


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